Upward Bound Program (UB)

The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 introduced many federal programs to aid the youth of America in selecting correct career paths for themselves. Upward bound program (UB) was one of the first programs to be introduced by the Act of 1964. Talent Search and Student Support Services joined an upward bound program later in 1968 to help young students prepare for their higher education.

Currently, nine federal programs are operating under the umbrella of the Economic Opportunity Act. Seven of these programs are providing services directly to the students.

Upward bound program is a federally sponsored program initiated to give basic support to the applicants who are preparing to start their college education. It is run by the Education Department.

The upward bound program mainly aids students belonging to low-income households. It also caters to high school students whose parents never earned a degree from a college. In other words, it assists those deserving students who are poor and in dire need of educational guidance.


One of the main missions of the upward bound program is to provide guidance and assistance to high-school students to complete their secondary education. Moreover, it also helps them to get themselves enrolled in post-secondary education and get educated from their colleges/ institutes.

Once a student is selected for an upward-bound program, it is the UB’s job to prepare the worthy students academically and personality-wise for the unforeseen future.

Upward bound program is divided into two main components:

One is the summer component and the other is the academic year component. The summer component prepares the students for the upcoming admissions in the fall semester. The full-term component of the program is held daily during summers and it teaches different academic courses to the students.

program (UB)

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The academic year component is the part of the program, which provides substantial classes to the students enriched with different cultural activities, counseling of the students, different skills classes, etc. UB program classes are held on Saturdays during the spring and fall sessions. This program allows the families of the students as well to attend the classes or workshops to understand the post-secondary education process better.

The Upward bound program prepares students round the year for college entrance exams. It assists students in the following programs:

  • Academic advice
  • Tours of different universities
  • Students and parents workshop
  • Summer program for 6 weeks
  • Internships
  • Financial literacy education for parents and students
  • Tuitions
  • Cultural enhancement activities
  • Classes for English, math, computers, science, and languages

Upward bound program is a preparatory program specifically tailor-made for students who are on the edge of applying for college.

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