Tax Time FAQ: Which Tax Software gets the biggest refund?

Tax software programs enable business owners and individuals having little or no knowledge to file their tax returns accurately and avoid IRS audits. Indeed, tax filing is a tedious and frustrating process that tests the patience of the people. For a hassle-free tax filing procedure, people go for tax software that helps users in every step of the process from checking errors to deductions in the transactions. However, more intelligent users are on the road to try and maximize their refunds.

If you aim to capitalize on these refunds, try to work with a provider that not only files without mistakes but also finds exemptions. So, which tax software gets the biggest refund?

The answer to the question outlined above relies on a variety of factors. For this purpose, we have jotted down some of the best tax software that will give you promising results.


We selected TurboTax as the best and easy-to-use tax software as it offers different pricing plans which suit the different needs of the users. One of the most well-known tax software in the U.S, Intuit’s TurboTax is a massive hit amongst people who love the unique walkthrough style feature. Reasonably priced at $30, the TurboTax software seems like the ideal option for you as it makes it easy for first-time tax filers to get started with the taxing system.

Similar to other companies, TurboTax annually releases updated versions of its state/federal filling applications for adhering to present laws and regulations. If you are searching for some of the best tax software, then you can avail one of the TurboTax software options.

TurboTax is found in most of the states across the U.S and has easy availability which is the reason it is preferred by American users. However, the widespread availability of the software also increases the potential for additional risks. Back in 2015, Minnesota declined to accept TurboTax returns due to high fraud rates. Moreover, Intuit continues to change the features compatible with its software, and therefore, you may have to file IRS schedules manually.

So, will you choose TurboTax as your to-go software now?

H&R Block

If you’re still confused about which tax software gets the biggest refund, here are a few more options to help solve your related query. According to Nerd Wallet, H&R Block is a fairly good option as it not only offers the free version of the federal and state prep tools but also provides new tax schedules without an additional up-gradation. Users of H&R Block get a similar user interface that includes an entire tax preparation process, pop-ups, and information on payment plans.

H&R Block

This software is widely known for its centralized and linear workflow which is the reason it may not be preferable for the users who avoid filling in information on different pop-ups. Initially, the company was established as a traditional tax prep company, which in turn makes it possible for queries to be addressed by a real human through the “Ask a Tax Pro” feature. Additionally, the company provides a unique Tax Pro Review service, starting at a basic plan of $50. The Tax Pro Review service matches you with a professional who helps you throughout the process, especially in completing the e-filling process.

Thus, the H&R Block is an ideal alternative for tax returns as it even gives you the option of doing a test drive; you can work through the return without creating an account.

Given this information, will you pick H&R Block as your new tax software?


Convenient and made easy, TaxAct includes a number of different prep tools that are focused on the desktop, computers, and smartphones. These tools cater well to a variety of professionals, including entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Despite its simple interface, TaxAct offers unlimited and free email and online chat support. Additionally, each plan of the software comes with maximum coverage on the refund that ensures 100% accuracy.

However, many users have complained that the free version of TaxAct seems to be decreasing the number of features each year, and upgrading the package requires you to pay $80. Designed in a simple, question-and-answer format, the software aims to help users and make the tax filing procedure a lot easier. Still, a number of users may find the process frustrating and tedious. Nevertheless, the good thing about TaxAct is that it offers numerous methods to get help for the users. These methods may include unlimited free support, screen sharing, and paid email support.

So, will TaxAct will be your new companion in challenging tax time?


Unlike other tax software, TaxSlayer offers quite limited options for professionals and accountants. However, the best part about this software is the free state and federal services, along with the easy-to-understand app interface. If you feel like taking things up a notch, you can even upgrade to a paid version that is also pocket-friendly.

The standard version of this app helps you through the filing process, so you can take care of increasingly complex issues easily. It also has a “Quick File” option that enables you to pick the forms you want to complete and then fill them out. Although this is convenient, it will be more beneficial for those people who are well-versed with the filing process and only require an easy solution.

In addition, the application also helps in providing support to cover technical issues by default. Hence, if you need extra help in decoding tough filing procedures, a paid upgrade would have to be sought.

Now, will TaxSlayer be on your buy list during tax time?

The exhibits above highlight four different software that may help in giving out more refunds. To properly cash out on your tax software, intensive preparation is required. You must work out methods to find which tax software gets the biggest refund and decide accordingly.

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