SNAP program – Kansas food stamps income guidelines

The food stamp program of the United States of America has changed its name to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) now. It was formulated to provide food benefits to citizens belonging to low-income families and households.

Like other states of America, Kansas also has a food assistance program for its citizens in which good stamps are given to the less privileged citizens but the food stamps income process is necessary to be understood. Kansas food stamps income guidelines are very simple yet important to know and understand to get the maximum benefit from the food assistance program.

The food assistance program’s motto is to serve the less privileged citizens so that they can fight against hunger. The food stamps provide benefits to low-income working class and the elderly household depending upon a pension and other social security stimulus checks.

The food assistance program assists the unemployed, elderly, or senior citizens, as well as the households which are striving to shift themselves from welfare dependent to employment dependent.

The rules and regulations regarding the food stamp program keep on changing therefore the eligibility becomes complicated on its own. Any person who believes that he is eligible to get food stamps in Kansas must figure out the eligibility rules set by the food assistance program of America.

Let’s have a look at how a person can attain food stamps in Kansas:

Information required to apply for food stamps

A certain eligibility criterion is set by the food stamp program of Kansas and in order to find out  whether you qualify for the food stamps or not, you need to determine the following things:

  • The household size of your family along with how much is needed for food expenses on daily basis
  • What is the income of the household? You need to calculate all the means of income which will include earned income as well as unearned income.

Earned income is the one which you get from the job or employment in the form of salary whereas the unearned income is the one that you get from different means of assistance such as unemployment insurance, social security stimulus payments, and child support income, etc.

Once you have gathered the information needed by the food stamps program, you need to check if you are qualifying according to the eligibility criteria of the program or not.

Eligibility criteria for SNAP program

Let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria of the food stamps program of Kansas to determine where do you stand:

Kansas Residency

The applicant must be a legal resident of the state of Kansas.

Household Details

According to the food stamps program of Kansas, all the people who are living in a house and are involved in buying food are considered to be members of a household. There is a possibility that you are living with other tenants who are living under one roof while renting rooms or have adult children in your family who make or buy their foods therefore they won’t be considered part of your household.

The important thing to note is that children under 22 years of age are considered part of the household even if they are working and can buy/make their food.

Elderly or senior citizens of the family along with the disabled members of the family are considered as household members. You have to make/buy food for them or they will help you to do it. If they are living under one roof but making or buying their food, then they will not be considered as household members and can apply for food stamps separately.

Income limit details

The income limit largely depends upon the size and composition of the household. The households which do not have any elderly or disable members must meet the net and gross income limits set by the SNAP program.

Asset details

The state of Kansas has set the limit of assets to $2250. This is the maximum level of asset limit for an individual who can apply for food stamps in Kansas. This limit can go up to $3250 for a household If they include disabling or elderly people.

Unemployment details

You must provide details to the stamps program if you are unemployed or if you have suddenly lost your job.

If your job hours have been reduced or you have acquired a new part-time job, you are liable to inform the food stamp program. For unemployed people, the food stamp program provides employment and training counseling programs where you can talk freely to the consultant and discuss why you are unable to get a job.

Some of the residents of Kansas might be automatically eligible for food assistance benefits programs if they have a prior history of participating in other assistance-based programs. If they have been getting assistance from the federal government in the form of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), etc.

Are convicted residents eligible for food stamps?

If a person had been a convict for a drug felony but applies for Kansas food stamps, he would still be eligible to receive them. The state of Kansas provides temporary therapy sessions and consultancy programs and also helps the convicts to take drug tests to come clean and get back to life.

The state of Kansas gives chances to the drug felony conflicts and doesn’t disqualify the person even if he receives a second conviction.

Can non-citizens qualify?

The state of Kansas gives special treatment for people who have applied to acquire immigration status for the state. The non-citizens are registered as qualified aliens and they are eligible to receive food stamps.

Refugees, human trafficking victims, immigrants from Cuba and Haiti, immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq are all considered qualified aliens.

Final Verdict

Like all other states, the state of Kansas assists its citizens to attain healthy food from the best available local produce. It aids the low-income residents of Kansas to have a healthier lifestyle by utilizing their food stamps and discount coupons.

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