Nicklaus Children’s Hospital – Financial Medical Coverage in Miami

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital pledges to care for all its community and hence brings you the medical coverage and financial responsibility you need. It is much dedicated to serving the patients with the best medical assistance, doctors, surgeons, and equipment available and understands that all of this can cost you more than you can afford and hence with the Miami Children’s Health Plan aims to get your financial bills covered under its Financial Assistance Policy.

The programs and plans are best launched to safeguard the right of every child in the community regardless of his/her race, age, or financial status. In the resolute efforts for easy and reliable public healthcare, Miami Children’s Health Plan is making it possible to serve as many public members as possible.

Financial Assistance Program

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is on a mission to provide the best healthcare facilities and has launched a program under Miami Children’s Health Plan to promote constant health by giving out the best care to every child. It provides free care to patients who are not covered by the insurance and fulfills the eligibility criteria of the financial assistance program.

Financial Assistance Policy

Miami Children’s Health Plan has launched a policy to assist the needy patients seeking medical treatments or attention at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Those who are unable to pay will be assessed on a fair and unbiased basis and will be given financial assistance to pay their hospital bills. This policy is applied in accordance with the aims and values of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and for the welfare of every patient. The hospital takes into account the financial state of every patient and provides them relief accordingly. 

Purpose of Financial Assistance Program

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is keen to make sure of a financially secure organization under the working criteria of the Miami Children’s Health Plan so that they can continuously provide exceptional medical care with a skillful workforce implementing the latest breakthroughs.

It makes no compromise on the patient handling and treatment. The hospital maintains highly-equipped labs that are there to make sure that every patient is provided with the best possible healthcare and treatment without having to worry about their hospital bills and are doing their best to ensure that no kid in the community is deprived of the primary-care he/she is entitled to.

Patient Eligibility Criteria

Patient Eligibility Criteria

The plans for financial assistance are set under a criterion that determines whether or not the patient is eligible for the assistance. Though the hospital is determined to help as many people as possible, a formula has to be set in place to make sure the assistance only goes to the ones who actually require it. Financial assessment and the request for financial assistance must be entirely finished so that it can be finalized whether you are eligible for the assistance or not. Patients fulfilling the following requirements will be considered for 100%  financial assistance:

  • If the income of the patient’s family is 200% or less than the federal poverty guidelines in the previous 12 months.
  • If the collective responsibility for the hospital and/or the services acquired by the affiliated physician from a single clinical treatment or procedure exceeds 25% of the annual family income. Other important rules for discounts include:
  • All the insurance compensation activities must be put to an end before you can be considered for financial assistance.
  • Specific requirements for residence location may apply.
  • If a patient eligible for financial assistance receives emergency services or other necessary medical care, then he will not be charged more than the amounts generally required by the patients who have insurance coverage.

How to get yourself registered?

To make Miami Children’s Health Plan easily accessible to everyone, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has made it easier than ever to register yourself for the plans that are offered. It has made the registration process faster and smoother with Rapid Registration. 

Rapid Registration was initiated to ease the process of your visit to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital by collecting all the items needed for your registration before the appointment date. If you qualify for the assistance, you will receive a phone call by one of the committed team members of Rapid Registration who will confirm your provided information, explain the benefits of your insurance program as well as anything else required from you at the time of service.

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