Morgan Stanley Access Investing – A Complete Review

Looking for investment advisors which are backed by financial institutions? Then this is the review you need to read to clear out the haze in your mind. This article will show you how Morgan Stanley Access Investing performs and manages your investment in the simplest and straightforward manner.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing will help you by providing a robot-advisor already partnered up with an established financial institution or if you plan to start a full-time investment in the near future; Morgan Stanley Access Investing will help you do that in the easiest way.

What is Morgan Stanley Access Investing?

Morgan Stanley Access Investing was founded in December of 2017. The Morgan Stanley Access Investing is a digital investment tool that aids in balancing the passive as well as the active strategies regarding investment. This initiative is backed by the famous Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, a well-known investment and brokerage institution.

The Robo-adviser or the access investing branch of Morgan Stanley is basically a virtual advisor. It highly depends upon the input provided by the client. The client’s own set financial goals along with the algorithms derived by the robot-advisor help in calculating the most feasible investment portfolios.

The Robo-advisor of Morgan Stanley Access Investing is solely managed by Morgan Stanley and it does not use any human advisors to help the clients plan their financial goals or their investment portfolios.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing

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Since the introduction of the robot-advisor; the client reviews depict that they are pleased with the performance of the investment tools offered by the company.

The main job of Morgan Stanley’s robot advisor is to balance out the active and passive strategies regarding the financial situation as well as investment. It is in lieu with the market trends as well as to provide the client an overall investment strategy. The strategy is further hemmed together with the self-generated investment portfolios enabling the client to have a clear picture regarding his/her investment and market initiatives.

Key Features of Morgan Stanley Access Investing

  • It is a virtual investment advisor backed by the investment giant Morgan Stanley. Clients identify their needs and investment goals, which include the purchase of assets, buildings, stocks, or even retirement.
  • The minimum investment amount is $5,000
  • The minimum fee structure is 0.35% AUM. There can be additional charges for other investments and mutual funds generation.
  • Deals in mutual funds and ETFs mainly.
  • Provides technical support via phone. The access investing clients cannot access the investing advice.
  • It focuses on personal taxable accounts: Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs.

 Morgan Stanley Access Investing is Best Suited for?

  • Basic Investment: Morgan Stanley’s Robo-advisor offers simple basic features to individuals who are looking for simple uncomplicated investment and financial solutions. It covers all the basic terminologies such as portfolio balancing, tax-loss harvesting, etc.
  • Virtual-friendly Investor: Morgan Stanley Access Investing has a virtual-friendly investment advisor. The robot advisors are client-friendly and they offer clients to make their own investment decisions while taking aid from them.
  • Impactful Investment: Morgan Stanley allows its clients to make their own portfolios, which will support their companies’ integrated environments along with its social and governing sectors. This gives the respective companies an edge in diversifying their span of work.
  • A High Minimum Investment: The minimum investment required by Morgan Stanley Access Investing is $5,000 which makes it easily accessible to many beginners in the investment sector.
  • Full-service Virtual Advice for the Future: Morgan Stanley Access Investing helps the client establish their investment portfolios and transit easily into a full-service investing advice culture, which will enable them to access more tools and support regarding the investment decisions.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing Probing Aspects

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment required by Morgan Stanley Access Investing is $5,000. It may sound too steep as there are many other Robo-advisors available in the market who charge less.

Fees of Robo-advisor

The customers are supposed to pay 0.35% AUM for their investing accounts. There can be additional fees charged according to the external services used by the customer.

Portfolio Rebalancing Feature

Morgan Stanley monitors accounts very closely by providing portfolio rebalancing. It also alerts its clients through email when the accounts are rebalanced; keeping the clients in the loop.

Tax-Loss Harvesting Feature

The tax-loss harvesting feature is readily available for all-access investing clients. It is a process of selling all the investments at a loss which will offset the taxes accrued and will initiate capital gains.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing Strategies

Morgan Stanley Access Investing offers a wide range of features that aid in its investment strategy. It offers clients different ways to invest in different sectors of their choice. The clients can easily choose from the well-researched investment ideas and strategies in order to attain maximum revenue at a minimum fee.

 Active or Passive Investments

Active investments need human financial planners to support the algorithms provided by the virtual advisors who would’ve researched the market.

Passive investment is mostly done by the client on his/her own with the help of a Robo-advisor. This is the cheapest strategy available in the market as the savings are directly transferred into the client’s account which further reduces the management fee.

Active or passive investments

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The majority of virtual advisors use this passive investment method in order to attain market-matching revenues. Passive investment has a long track record of being one of the most solid investing strategies in terms of returns gain.

Morgan Stanley access investing deals on the principle of the active-passive method being the best strategy when it comes to investment. It gives a lethal combination of mutual funds and ETFs, which uses both these investment strategies.

Portfolios Available for Morgan Stanley Access Investing Customers

There are three different kinds of portfolios available for the customers to choose from:

  • Market-tracking Portfolio: This portfolio is best for those clients who are looking to diversify their portfolio by using ETFs only. The main goal of this type of portfolio is to generate a well-blended and diversified market index that will include funds generated from many different asset groups as well as global markets.
  • Impact Portfolio: This kind of portfolio is most suited by the clients who value different aspects necessary to perform their business duties such as the social, environmental, and governance sectors. These portfolios are designed keeping in mind their long-term serving nature while the minimum chance of accumulating a risk.
  • Performance-seeking Portfolio: This portfolio is tailor-made for those clients who have a passion to beat all odds present in the market. It will combine ETFs and mutual funds in order to outperform themselves in the market.

Investing Themes for Clients

Investing Themes for Clients

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There are many pre-defined investing themes available for the clients to choose from when compiling their portfolios. They can select any theme which suits their demands or goals. Some of the most used themes are enlisted below:

  • Emerging Consumer Market: This theme targets investments from the middle class but has a huge spectrum of growth.
  • Climatic Changes: This is best suited to the investors who value the climatic changes across the globe and are willing to work in order to avoid the continuous harm being done to the environment.
  • Global Economic Front: This is ideal for those investors who are planning to target the growth opportunities in least-developed economic markets.
  • Robotic, AI, and Data: This is a favorite for investors who are always looking for developments in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, or data analysis which is the future of the world.
  • Gender Diversification: Investors choose this theme when they immensely value the diverse environment of their companies and are always the first to initiate gender diversification as well as equality in their workplaces. Investors who are looking to police programs in support of women choose this theme without hesitation.
  • Defense and Cybersecurity: This theme is selected by investors who are planning to work in the sector which will protect the country against any and all security threats.
  • Inflation-conscious Investment Theme: This theme is chosen by clients who want to ensure that their investment will be safe even if the market undergoes inflation or any other unforeseen changes.
  • Genomics and Biomedicine: This theme is usually selected by science enthusiasts who willingly support scientific researches and treatments against various deadly diseases and infections.

Pros and Cons of Morgan Stanley Access Investing


  • It has self-designed investment portfolios to aid the clients along with offering customization as well.
  • It is supported by the investment giant Morgan Stanley.
  • It is a 24/7 accessible service provided to the clients.
  • The portfolio monitoring keeps the clients in a loop and they can monitor the portfolio’s performance themselves along with applying changes in their investments.


  • It works on limited account types such as traditional IRAs, individual taxable accounts, and Roth IRAs.
  • Unclear and unprecedented customer service availability. The website does have a phone number but the operational timings are not mentioned.
  • No human planners or advisors are available. This can be one of the biggest cons of Morgan Stanley Access I Clients have to update their full information themselves in order to get the investment advice.
  • There is very little detail available on the website. The website is user-friendly but their mobile apps are not advertised on the website which makes it difficult for the clients to search for the app for easy access.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing is enlisted as a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation or SIPC. It is liable to protect the client’s account from default to up to $500,000.

Pros and Cons of Morgan Stanley Access Investing

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It also offers a 256-bit SSL encryption for the Robo-advisor on the website which offers a two-way authentication on the mobile apps which is in accordance with the standards of safety and security maintained by the industry.

Morgan Stanley Access Investing is a one step-solution on your fingertip regarding the investment portfolios. It offers regular monitoring and rebalancing of portfolios and an opportunity to invest in many different themes which are in accordance with the social-responsible investment strategies. 24/7 accessibility makes it easier for the client to keep himself up to date regarding the investment plan.

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