Machinery finance resources (MFR) and their advantages

Machinery Finance Resources (MFR) provides finance solutions to the manufacturers. They have become the industry leaders in no time. They have been in the business for more than 75 years. The Machinery Finance resources (MFR) knows exactly what the manufacturers endure on a daily basis. Whether the company is a start-up or is an established one, Machinery Finance Resources (MFR) provides all the assistance to the businesses to develop and expand in their particular niche. It offers a custom-tailored solution to address all the business needs.

Machinery finance resources delivers

The Machinery Finance Resources (MFR) is considered as the one-stop solution for all your equipment-related financial needs. There are many key elements which make it the premier choice for manufacturers.

  • It has a fast credit application system which accelerates the process, making it hassle-free.
  • A payment schedule is offered according to the ease of the customer. It allows a deferred payment system which makes it easier for the manufacturer to start generating revenue up to 90 days, even before the initial payment has been made. The acquisition of a new equipment is also easy without having a large cash outlay.
  • Financing conditions are outlined according to the customer’s benefit. Machinery Finance Resources provides the lowest competitive rates, and easier payment options which makes the financing affordable. The MFR offers best possible plans to the customers, keeping their considerations at the forefront.
  • Lease documentation is quite easy. Customers have a variety of options to choose from. The client can choose from a tax lease, operating lease, own lease and even simple budgeted finance lease according to his financial situation
  • Machinery Finance Resources exclusively offers finances for manufacturing equipment. The MFR also ensures to assign an experienced and dedicated finance specialist who is entrusted to assist the customers at every step of the procedure
  • Machinery Finance Resources is the pioneer of the industry therefore their understanding of the business and financial issues – manufacturers tend to face on a daily basis is at par. The MFR offers its customers with a result-oriented business development and expansion plan

Advantages of machinery finance resources

  • The process is smooth and straight forward
  • Credit decision is taken within hours
  • Experienced representatives to assist
  • Fast track application for up to $500,000
  • No need to physically present a financial statement
  • 100% financing options are available
  • Payment options and terms are very flexible.
  • Bank credit lines and capital is preserved
  • It provides potential tax benefits under section 179.
machinery finance

How to apply for machinery finance resources

Machinery Finance Resources have made their presence felt with the passage of time. It is one of the few financing institutions that offers a fast-track and fool-proof application process. MFR protects the identity of its clients, therefore the whole process is kept transparent online.

The client has to put up the company information along with basic personal information. Once the application is completed, it is immediately forwarded to the finance team that analyzes the application, and takes the decision to sanction financial loan or not. Within 24 hours of submission of the application, the response is emailed to the prospective client.

Once the application is viewed by the customer(s), he is further updated about the customized finance options available. Once the client has selected the finance option, and signed the documents, the application is processed further and a loan is released.

Till date, the Machinery Finance Resources have financed more than 10,000 machine tools and equipment along with providing loans for manufacturing businesses.

Machinery Finance Resources helps organizations in acquiring new and latest machines to increase productivity, and finance the urgent cash needs by various available cash and credit lines.  MFR also offers the customers a customized acquisition plan by using an Asset Lifecycle Management Solution. This lifecycle streamlines the machine tool finance resourcing process for the client, thus assisting him throughout the new equipment acquisition process.

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