8 trends determining the success of luxury senior living communities in America

You have spent years of earning, working hard, and making smart decisions. Now it’s your time to build your personal empire and enjoy it throughout your life after retirement.

Recent research carried out by Pew Center stated that almost 10,000 baby boomers will retire every day from 2011 through 2030. This is the mere reason that the demand for good luxury senior living communities has skyrocketed and senior citizens are on a watch to find exceptional care services.

All those retirees who have worked hard to sustain the same lifestyle after retirement look up to luxury options to live. The communities serving the seniors a luxury lifestyle have observed a great upsurge in the demand and after investigating it was noticed that the seniors opt for a certain community depending upon 8 main trends.

As per the recent statistics, the second quarter of 2020 has faced an increase in senior housing communities specifically in the Southeast region of the US. The Southeast region includes the following US states; Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia.luxury senior living communities

If you are one of the new retirees who are searching for a retirement community, the precise one which will fulfill all your needs then read further and discover the trends in luxury senior living communities which will help you determine the right place for you.

Trends in luxury senior living communities

Prime location

The senior citizens of the current century are different from the seniors of the twentieth century. They like to shop, explore, visit museums or enjoy an active lifestyle after retiring since they already had worked hard in their entire life.

This is the mere reason urban retirement communities are on such a boom. Urban retirement communities have become one of the fast-growing trends in America. The seniors opt for prime locations which are surrounded by elite neighborhoods, waterfronts and if they are nearby historic sites then it becomes a plus point. Also, some of the seniors enjoy staycations and the nightlife of different states.

Robust communities

Luxurious senior living communities encourage socializing among the residents to make and maintain connections within the neighborhood.

According to a study, staying active socially along with making new connections makes the person maintain a healthy good life. It also aids in declining depression and mental issues. A cognitive decline of almost 70% was observed among those who stayed active socially compared to those who preferred to stay isolated.

Upscale amenities

A locality that endorses fine gourmet dining, on-site salons, and bursts with beautiful intricate architecture are just a few luxurious amenities that attract the elite seniors to decide to live in it.

A luxurious upscale community pays close attention to these tiny details like a professional staff, furnishing, and of course the menu which will be served to each individual when they are paying to get a five-star hotel or resort experience in return.

Individualized care

A good individualized care package focuses on physical, cognitive, and social wellbeing.

The best luxury senior living communities offer around-the-clock medical service on the spot, dieticians and nutritionists working near the chefs, mental health analysts providing mental care and activities and services. A lot of luxury retirement communities also keep personal trainers as well as kinesiologists to provide individual physical therapy sessions to the occupants of their communities.

Intergenerational meetups

One of the wisest trends spotted in the luxury senior living communities is that they bring the young members of the neighborhood to mingle with the senior citizens by planning activities that are productive for both generations to fill in the age gap.

Intergenerational programs offer a wide variety of benefits to retirees especially. Seniors who are reluctant to connect with the newer generation perform better in these programs. It helps them sharpen their memory as well as burn up those extra calories. On the other hand, the intergenerational programs also help the youngsters as they learn a lot from the senior citizens. It is observed that almost 46% cut-off on drugs was observed in the younger lot who took part in such programs. The younger ones also develop good communication and problem-solving skills compared to their counterparts.


One of the most important features of these luxurious communities is to be interlaced with technology. These communities feature technology-aided security systems and 24/7 closed circuit monitoring through video cameras.

WIFI is a must in all the buildings and is another essential amenity provided by these retirement communities.

Most of the best luxury retirement communities offer technology classes on internet research, email, social media usage, and even how to chat and the latest lingo to be used, all to assist the elderly gel into the fast-paced world of today!

The feeling of independence

One of the most important parts of anyone’s well-being is the feeling of independence while maintaining a comfort level for everyone around. The level of independence determines the happiness and life satisfaction quotient for an individual. The best retirement communities across America offer and support the independence quotient to its occupants by offering different individual interests and their pursuits.

The seniors are dutifully allowed to make their daily schedules, attend their events or even visit places away from the community as per their liking. The retirement community is liable to arrange the transportation to take the senior citizens to their shopping sprees, doctor’s appointments, museums, or any other place of interest all through the year.

Flexibility to fulfill all the changing needs

A great luxury retirement community is flexible enough to fulfill all the arising needs even if they are very personal. It is very important to maintain mental, medical, and physical needs over time. A great community must fulfill all of these changing needs.

Upscale retirement communities offer many award-winning programs such as memory cards etc. to fulfill the shifting needs of the retirees.

The communities have made prior arrangements to assist their senior occupants if they need to be assisted for such a program. For instance, programs like Embrace, which is a senior lifestyle’s award-winning memory card program; help seniors balance and structure their fading memory which is often associated with old age.

Final Word

The luxury senior living communities are gaining popularity in America and are termed as well equipped with almost everything a retired person needs to live the rest of their days peacefully without much hassle. These 8 trends summarize why these communities are fast becoming home for the senior citizens of America.

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