Social Security Disability Benefits: How to Track my Disability Back Pay Check

How to track my disability back pay when you apply for social security disability benefits, then from the date of submission of your claim you become entitled to certain benefits, which you can get in the form of back pay after the approval. It is a long and lengthy procedure to apply for the Social Security disability benefits. A person might think that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will deliver the payment to the doorstep after the procedure of induction is done, but that is definitely not the case.

After your claim has been approved by Social Security; you should receive approval within 90 days. But you will receive the 90-day funds as back pay after the approval and if you don’t, then you are liable to ask how to track my disability back paycheck? Mostly it takes about one to two months before the first payment is received in the bank account. But at times it can take almost a year before a person starts receiving the back pay. The time which will be accumulated between the approval of your claim and the first payment receiving will be later on compensated.

Social Security disability benefits How to track my disability back pay check

If you are still waiting for approval from Social Security disability benefits after 90 days, then it is time to contact the SSA. It is advisable if this contact is made through a Social Security Disability lawyer. The lawyer will appear in a court of an Administrative Law Judge representing your case. The lawyer is an expert in resolving such issues and they can often maneuver the case fast according to the interest of the recipient. The lawyer will be resolving the case as fast as possible as their fees depend upon the back paycheck which you will receive.

The Social Security Administration has a massive block of cases lagging at every level of the application process regarding disability benefits. This is one of the major reasons that there are delays in the claims and release of the Social Security benefits approvals.

Once the back paycheck is received, it is very important to deduce the fees of the lawyer from the benefit account.

How is the Disability Check transferred?

Social Security disability checks are transferred to the recipients through paper checks in the mail. The checks used to arrive by the 3rd of every month for the recipients who retired before the year 1997. All of the recipients who made claims for Social Security benefits after the year 1997; their payment date depends upon their date of birth.

How is the disability check transferred

  • All those individuals whose birthdays come between the 1st to 10th of every month will receive back paychecks on the second Wednesday of every month.
  • Recipients whose birthdays are between 11th till 20th will receive their benefit checks by the third Wednesday of each month.
  • People with birthdays between the 21st till 30th of every month can get their payments by the fourth Wednesday of the respective month.

Most of the Social Security disability recipients do not actually receive paper checks at all. The majority of recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) receive the back paychecks of the said benefits via direct deposits straight into their bank accounts.

The federal government is currently working on transferring the whole procedure electronically. It will benefit the beneficiaries as well as the recipients; as it will ease the process of the amount transfer.

If someone refuses to receive payment through direct deposits; they are offered the option of a debit card by the Social Security Administration. There are certain cons attached to the payment transfer through a debit card instead of the direct deposit.

How is the disability check transferred

For instance, debit cards can get lost or are vulnerable to theft. Social Security disability debit cards are reissued to the recipients if some mishap occurs but it is very time-consuming along with the replacement of the ATM card, debit, or credit card while going through the bank or credit union.

Debit cards can also create havoc as it involves limitations on the maximum daily transactions as well as the imposition of extra fees.

It normally takes a couple of months for Social Security to release the back pay; mainly because of the ongoing situation plus the huge surplus of pending claims. The delay is frustrating to the core, but the recipients of the Social Security disability benefits need to be patient throughout the process and the long-enduring procedure of payment release. You will get a lump sum amount of back pay once the application has been approved and the claim is settled by the Social Security Administration. In a few cases, the back pay is released instantly such as if the recipient is said to have only a few months to live or has huge debts to pay related to the basic necessities of life.

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