Want a break from shopping? Here’s how to cancel Stitch Fix subscription

Stitch Fix is a unique online platform that allows you to get a personal stylist for just $20. Being one of its kind, it does deserve a trial. However, before even subscribing to the service, many apprehensive individuals ask how to cancel Stitch Fix, wary of the fact that they might end up incurring ongoing deductions even if they discontinue its use.

Before moving on to the cancelation process, let’s briefly touch upon how Stitch Fix works.

All you need to do is take a quiz to uncover your style preferences, size, and budget. This helps the platform assign you a professional accordingly. The stylist to whom your case is assigned picks the best options for you amongst the plethora of accessories and clothes available at Stitch Fix. Not only does this website have its exclusive labels, but it also has a collection of items from more than 1000 fashion brands.

how to cancel Stitch Fix

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The articles chosen by your stylist are then delivered to your doorstep. You can try them on, keep the ones you like, and return the rest. The good news is that the $20 fee which you are charged is creditable towards the items you decide to buy. However, if you choose to keep none of the items from the collection sent to you, the fee would not be refunded because it accounts for the time and effort put in by the stylist. Although, returns and shipping are free and the platform sends you a prepaid envelope for returns along with the parcel so there are no hidden charges with Stitch Fix.

On this platform, a user has the option of making on-demand purchases as well as signing up for automatic deliveries which result in a “Fix” or collection being sent to him/her after every few days. In case you do not require these regular shipments anymore, here is how to cancel Stitch Fix automatic deliveries:

  1. First of all, you would need to sign in to your Stitch Fix account.
  2. Next, locate the last option on the page you land at; it would be reading “Manage Automatic Fixes”.
  3. Click on “Manage Automatic Fixes” and you’ll be presented with two further choices:
  • “I want to change my Fix Frequency”
  • “I want to stop receiving automatic Fixes”.
  1. Select the second option. You’ll then land at another page where you’ll see checkboxes next to statements confirming cancelation of automatic deliveries as well as that of the upcoming “Fix”. You’d need to check both the boxes and then click “Update”. This marks the completion of the cancelation process.

Exceptions to Stitch Fix cancelation

The above procedure won’t work if a Fix is already on its way because an order which has been dispatched cannot be canceled.

how to cancel Stitch

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Alternatives to cancelation

If you do not need to make purchases as often as you receive a Fix, but also do not want to miss out on the facility of styling services and home shopping, you can simply change the frequency of receiving the Fix rather than canceling the automatic deliveries. Furthermore, you even have the option to pause or skip a delivery.


Stitch Fix seems to be a very reasonable medium because it does not burden the users with unnecessary costs and unwanted services. Articles from a Fix that are not desired by the customer are 100% refundable, given that they are unworn and returned within 30 days of making the payment.

For more information regarding the service, you may directly visit the Stitch Fix website.

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