8 Legit ways to get a free laptop for school in 2021

It might seem impossible to get a free laptop for school through an online scheme or find another way to have one. Because some scams and fiddles may sense your needs and promise you to provide a computer in exchange for some aid or personal stuff.

Fortunately, there are some legit ways to get a free laptop or at a discounted price which you can easily avail. In many situations, showing status as a student or the status of earning low-income escalates your chances of getting a free laptop for school, work, or personal use. Regardless of any circumstances, there are ways to get a free laptop, you may have to register for it or gain a particular score.

get a free laptop for school

Here are some options to secure a free laptop for school, college, or work, along with the details you may require to qualify.

 Ways to get a free laptop for school or work

1. Check your local library

It is worth checking your local libraries that often are connected with businesses and tech companies in your area to provide free or low-cost laptops. Some libraries also offer disability grants for disabled people, you can also qualify for that in case. These programs generally vary from one place to another but to get a free laptop for yourself, you have to qualify for the requirements of course.

To get the most of these programs, the best way is to dial your local libraries and gather information about them and requirements to qualify. It’s also worth noting here that some libraries offer you to check other devices apart from laptops. Therefore, if your circumstances are in a pinch, check out if your library provides the service and you may get along with some other options as well.

2. Register in an Online Public School

In the past pandemic year, online schools have given out thousands of tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops to their students to keep them intact with their studies. With every passing time, these schools are going virtual and the numbers of giveaways will only grow because of the current pandemic situation. Precisely, it’s not unusual for online public schools to provide laptops or gadgets to students who cannot afford to purchase and need one. You may need to enroll yourself in one of these public schools to take advantage of the opportunity.

Multiple ways are there to enroll and find out about these online public schools. And then again, the best way to look for these schools is to search from the nearest in your locale and see what options are available. Plus, you can also ask your existing schools if this option is available in the school that goes virtual.

3. Register in an online college

There won’t be a better option if you want to get a free laptop for your higher studies. If you enroll in college chances are there that you get a free laptop for taking lectures online. Because these colleges mostly are located at a distance and work remotely most of the time.

Quick online research will provide you with comprehensive data of colleges that provide the advantage with enrollments. St. John’s University and Seton Hill University are two options where you can try your luck. You likely have to pay for your books and tuition fee but they provide easy loans for students who cannot afford to buy a laptop. And of course, there are certain requirements that you need to meet.

4. Look for the organizations that work for causes

Several non-profit organizations also work to provide gadgets and laptops to students and families in need. You need to fill out an application so they can voluntarily grant you a laptop or any gadget that you need. The organization will analyze your circumstances to determine whether you deserve assistance.

It’s quite easy to apply and to gather advantage of the gadgets they offer to the needy ones. Just properly fill out the application mentioning your circumstances and your needs. Once they review it, they will contact you for further process.

5. Laptops for Low- income families

Everyone On is a nonprofit organization that assists to get free or low-cost laptops along with low-cost internet service. If you qualify for the Everyone On program for low-income families, then you could get a free laptop for school or your work.

The organization works with multiple ISPs and tech businesses that assist people in having digital gadgets. That means that the requirements may vary according to the program and business.

6. Contact National Christina Foundation for a free device

Another organization that works to help people in need of a laptop is National Cristina Foundation. The group promotes digital education and provides tech resources to develop human potential. They encourage businesses to provide used gadgets and tech resources to the organization so that they can provide them to low-income families and students who cannot afford to get a new laptop.

Once the laptops and tech resources are spruced up from the businesses, the foundation provides them to the people who applied for them.

7. On It Foundation

If you have a student of K-12 at your home and he qualifies for getting a free reduced lunch, then you can apply for a free laptop from On It Foundation.

The best thing about the foundation is that they do not often segregate people who only qualify via programs. They just asked for a discounted amount from those who don’t meet the requirement for a free laptop. Still, the foundation is a good place where you can get a laptop at a discounted price and solve your laptop issues.

8. Freecycle

You may have heard about the Freecycle. The site provides the free stuff information that you can get from your area. The site encourages people to upcycle used things rather than throw them away when they don’t need them. If you couldn’t qualify for the programs mentioned above, check out the site to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Additionally, the site allows you to generate a request for laptops in advance, so if someone is willing to give away an old laptop, you will be notified in the case.

If you cannot afford a high-tech computer, then check eBay and Craigslist for cheap laptop deals. Sites like Rakuten provide discount coupons that can also assist you in getting tons of new devices at quite affordable rates.

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