Unemployment benefits – How to file a weekly unemployment claim in Oregon?

The state of Oregon provides unemployment benefits to its residents who have lost their employment without their fault. The unemployment benefits are an entirely paid program by employers which aims to provide temporary monetary assistance to unemployed individuals.

file weekly unemployment claim oregonThe benefits program assists the applicants in how to file weekly unemployment claims in Oregon-based. There is a certain criterion that they need to fulfill before applying for the weekly benefits claim. Let’s explore further filing weekly unemployment claims.

How to file weekly unemployment claims Oregon-based?

Step 1: Apply by filing your initial claim

To find out whether you qualify for benefits, you need to fill out an application. This is also known as filing an initial claim. However, you are required to gather the required documents before you start filing the claim.

You can also take the Eligibility Quiz first in order to be sure if you are filling out the correct application.

Step 2: File your weekly claims

The next step is to file your weekly claims for the purpose of getting unemployment benefits. This is quite different from the initial claim. You are required to file both to get your money.

Step 3: Be ready to return to work

Usually, people who get their unemployment benefits are required to look for work and further document their search. However, this requirement is now considered optional because of COVID-19. A lot of employers are still in the process of hiring, even now, so we encourage people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 to continue searching.

Who is eligible to receive the weekly unemployment claim?

A person who has become unemployed not because of their fault; is eligible to apply for the weekly unemployment claim. Apart from this, any individual who is readily available to get back to work full time is eligible to receive this temporary benefit from the state of Oregon.

You have to determine that you have made enough funds or earned enough wages during the past 4 to 5 years so that the state officials recognize you as a worthy citizen and give you this grant to overcome the difficult financial crisis. The fund’s history that you will provide will act as the base year gross earnings on which your unemployment benefits amount will be based upon.

How to apply for the weekly unemployment claim?

The state of Oregon has made it very easy for individuals to apply for weekly unemployment claims. You can always apply through the official website or you can call on the number 1-877-345-3484 and talk to a representative to guide you through the procedure of applying for the weekly unemployment benefits.

How much is the amount of the weekly unemployment claim?

The total amount of the weekly unemployment claim is largely based upon the base year gross earnings. You are obliged to receive 1.25 of the gross earnings which you provided initially with your applications.

To estimate your unemployment benefits, you can use the unemployment insurance estimator provided by the state of Oregon. Currently, the minimum rate provided by Oregon under the banner of a weekly unemployment claim is $118 per week. The maximum rate per week can go as high as $507.

How long is a person eligible to receive unemployment benefits?

An unemployed resident of Oregon is eligible to receive benefits for as long as 26 weeks. He is encouraged to get employment within this period as the state of Oregon will not support him any further than 26 weeks.

The tenure for which you will receive the benefits largely depends upon the base salary you earned but even in that case only till 26 weeks, you can receive the unemployment benefits.

How to keep yourself eligible to receive the weekly unemployment benefits?

If you have started receiving unemployment benefits from the Oregon unemployment insurance program, then you must keep on filing every week so that the program continues and you pay your benefits without halting it.

You need to call and make sure to file every week while also stating your availability to start working as soon as possible for a full-time job.

The state will keep a track of your job searching activities through employment search records to know whether you are serious about attaining employment or not.

It is compulsory to make at least 2 employer contacts every week along with additional three different work-seeking activities per week and log them into the employment search record.

It is also compulsory to accept any employment that comes your way and is aligned with your job requirements.

How to appeal if the application for a weekly unemployment claim is rejected?

If your application for a weekly unemployment claim is rejected, then it is advised to appeal within the initial 20 days of the mailing date else it would not be entertained. You can also request a hearing for your appeal by emailing, faxing, or mailing the form which must include the denial decision letter.

The unemployment insurance center will entertain you by calling you for a one on one hearing at the premises. On the other hand, you must keep on filing for the weekly unemployment benefits on a side basis as once you win your appeal, the benefits will be generated.

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