Discover a savings account bonus – grow your savings today

Do you realize how long you have been keeping your savings account alive with money that does not earn you anything except some bit of interest? It’s time to wake up and discover a saving account bonus instead of just getting small interest amounts. Opening a new account would earn you cash as a new account bonus which is more than the interest you were getting over the years with your old savings account. All thanks to the signup bonus offer for giving us more earning opportunities.

Even though it is a part of their marketing strategy to entice you to try their other financial products, you will get to spend more. Back then, banks used to allure people by gifting them shirts and toasters for opening a new account, but today, the game has completely changed. You will get hundreds of dollars for just opening a new bank account.

Discover saving account bonuses via the help of this guide

Following are the banks that are offering significant bonus amounts for opening a new savings account.

1. Capital One 360 Saving account bonus

Get a bonus of up to $25 to $100 for opening a new savings account!

Capital One 360 Saving account bonus

When you open a new Capital One 360 Saving account, you will get a $25 bonus. However, you must maintain a balance of $250 to $9,999,99 to receive the bonus. If you can maintain a larger amount, starting from $10,000 or more, you will be entitled to a bonus amount of $1,00.

Isn’t it amazing that you can get a bonus amount of up to $100 just for saving your money? And the perks don’t stop here. You will receive your bonus within ten days after opening the account. On top of that, you will earn 1.70% APY on your deposited amount.

2. CitiBank Savings account

Earn a bonus of $400 for opening a Citibank savings and checking account!

CitiBank Savings account

Citi Bank is offering a $400 bonus for opening a new savings or checking account with them. All you need to do is deposit $15000 into both accounts within 30 days. To become eligible for the bonus, maintain the amount for at least 60 days.

For those interested in moving their money, Citibank is the best option. If you open a checking and saving account together at once, you will instantly earn a bonus of $400. Do you know what is more exciting? If you open Citi priority accounts, one checking and saving you can make up to $700. Meet all the minimum requirements of the bank, and you will be entitled to your bonus.

3. Chase Savings account

Receive the bonus of $150 on opening a new Chase Saving account!

Chase Savings account

To become eligible for this bonus, you must deposit $10,000 or more within the 20 days window and maintain the balance for 90 days. Furthermore, you can earn an additional $200 on opening a new Chase Total Checking account along with a Chase savings account.

Chase Bank offers its valuable new customers a “choose what you earn” signup bonus option. If you open both Saving and Total checking accounts simultaneously with the bank, you will be entitled to a total amount of $350 at once. However, you will need to meet a few requirements, for instance, setting up direct deposit to avail of these promotional bonus offers.

4. Discover Online Savings account bonus

You either get $150 or $200 for opening a new Discover Online Saving account. 

Discover Online Savings account bonus

Get a bonus of $150 for an initial deposit of $15000 and if you want to play big, then deposit $25000 and earn a $200 bonus.

Just make sure you don’t have a prior saving account to qualify for the new Discover Online Saving account bonus. If you meet the minimum deposit requirements starting from $15000, you will still be entitled to the bonus amount. For your convenience, they also cater to account opening requests over the phone. Once you set up your new account, you can grow your savings with an interest rate of 1.8%.

Grow your savings via these signup offers

Your savings are not just savings. They are an investment. You can grow them by keeping them protected in a bank; it is this easy to earn from them. Moreover, if you choose the right bank with the right saving account offer, you could earn substantial new account bonuses and that too with a great interest rate.

Be mindful. Banks frequently change their bonus offers on savings accounts; it is better to start searching for the active offers before they get invalid.

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