Celebrities with turner syndrome – how they deal with this ailment

Turner syndrome is defined as a change in the DNA where the chromosomes are affected; resulting in developmental issues in the human being, especially in females. This syndrome largely targets females as the DNA change is observed in the X chromosome. Like all other human beings; the artist fraternity also comprises celebrities with Turner syndrome.

Turner syndrome affects women primarily and the outcome of this syndrome is visible as young as the age of 5. Turner syndrome very rarely affects males but there have been cases where males suffered from this ailment. Some of the common and most recognizable symptoms of turner syndrome are:

  •       Short stature or height.
  •       Infertility as the ovaries are primarily non-functional
  •       Abnormal growth of the skeleton
  •       Lymphedema; the puffiness of hands or feet.
  •       Blood pressure issues
  •       Kidney and renal issues.

This is a very serious syndrome that can affect the physical and mental health of the person suffering from it. In some rare cases, the females need to attain normal therapy to experience puberty.

Celebrities with Turner syndrome

As this syndrome attacks the X chromosome; therefore, turner syndrome affects females only. The male version of turner syndrome is known as NOONAN syndrome.

Male celebrities:

Noonan syndrome is a defective mutation in the chromosome of a male’s DNA. This genetic disorder is also called Klinefelter syndrome and is considered Turner syndrome’s alternative in males. Klinefelter syndrome occurs with an additional X chromosome in males. They have XXY chromosomes instead of XY.

celebrity who has suffered from Klinefelter syndrome is Tom Cruisetomcruiseage.blogspot.com

One of the celebrities who suffered from the said syndrome is George Washington – the first and the most celebrated president of the United States of America. George Washington was impotent and was unable to reproduce but he did not come out as a hermaphrodite.

Another celebrity who has suffered from Klinefelter syndrome is Tom Cruise. He never hid his suffering from the disease. He has always been confident about living with this medical condition.

Einer Andrea was an artist suffering from this ailment but he changed his gender from surgery and named himself Lili Elbe.

Female Celebrities:

As turner syndrome primarily affects females therefore there is a long list of celebrities suffering from this disease and fighting it back to reclaim the normalcy in their daily life.

Wendy Williams is a renowned actress, author, radio personality, and television host who openly embraced Turner syndrome. She did not let it affect her life and lived her life according to her own rules.

Michelle Obama, the wife of former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama also suffered from Turner syndrome. Michelle Obama came out with turner syndrome and helped other young girls and women suffering from it. Another name for turner syndrome is imposter syndrome. The younger generation recognizes this disease with the new name now.

Wendy Williamscheatsheet.com

Serena Williams, the queen of a tennis court; who has won countless grand slams and other championships in tennis, has reportedly suffered from Turner syndrome. She defeated the disease by playing and successfully winning in tennis as well as getting married and giving birth to a child.

Donatella Versace suffered from Turner syndrome, she tried countless times to beat her physical appearance but now she is just a trapped person under heaps of plastic.

The Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga movies, Actress Kirsten Stewart has also got Turner syndrome. She was diagnosed with it at the tender age of four, the symptoms are on the milder side but she has started to look more masculine than she was at the beginning of her career.

People suffering from Turner syndrome encounter discrimination because of the way they look. At times their ailment is accompanied by added depression or anxiety disorder. Many celebrities have stated that they started having panic attacks just by the thought of coming out in public with their ailment.

Unfortunately, the physical appearance like webbed neck or shortened height is incurable but the renal and impotency issues can be cured. Many turner syndrome sufferers gave birth to children and led a perfectly normal life by embracing their shortcomings.

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  1. Do you have resources you could share? My granddaughter was diagnosed at 16, a missed diagnosis for years. She is 18, will be a senior in high school. on hormone therapy and finally started to develop. She suffers academically and more so socially from Aspergers. She is now becoming depressed and obsessing about no friends, especially wanting a boyfriend.


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