Be thrifty – order checks online cheap

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can order checks online cheaply? Buying checks online via trusted websites is the best way to save yourself from the hassle of going out every time. But unfortunately, we have been told all our life to reach out to banks or credit unions to order any checks that we need. For this reason, we remained unaware of numerous great places to order checks online.

These amazing websites offer a variety of checks with different designs, colors, characters and also provide other check options.

5 Places to order checks online cheap:

In this guide, we will be covering the best places to order online checks cheaply so that you can save your money and time for other substantial tasks. Let’s get started.

1) Carousel Checks

Price: $6.99 for 125 checks

Carousel checks are one of the best platforms from which you can order checks at affordable rates. They provide a wide variety of design choices with a wide selection of orientations like a top stub, end stub, side tear, desk set, and secretory desktop. Also, they offer free shipping, which is a plus point.

Carousel Checkspersonal-finance-credit

Furthermore, apart from personal checks, they offer other business articles, for instance, laser printed and manual printed checks, deposit checks, and deposit bags.

As these were not enough, they provide training checkbooks in educational kits as well. These kits are helpful for teachers to make students learn about personal money management. The kit contains a mock checkbook, transaction register, and checkbook cover. You can also purchase these kits in bulk.

2) Walmart checks

Price: $8.46 for 150 checks

There’s barely anyone out there who doesn’t know about Walmart. You can simply head towards this store to buy anything at affordable prices. Walmart also sells checks through its dedicated channel – Walmart’s checks.

Now some of you might wonder if Walmart is good enough for purchasing checks as it is incredible for groceries? You bet! The biggest benefit of buying checks from Walmart is that you will get authentic quality at reasonable rates. They never fail to satisfy their customers.


You will be surprised to know that Walmart offers thousands of check designs to pick from, for instance, iconic brands, well-known organizations like Disney, Star Wars, and ASPCA.

They master personal check options and also offer business checks and supplies, including manual or computer checks supplies, envelopes, and ink stamps.

They have a unique check security system with the name Check safe, preventing you from forged signs, forged endorsements, and altered checks. You can use this service up to 12 months from the day of purchase or till you use your last check, whichever comes first and you prefer. In case of a security breach, you can file a claim with them. A fraud specialist will work with you, the financial institution, and the merchant who accepted the check, which will help to resolve the issue.

3) Sam’s Club Checks

Price: $34.68 for 660 checks 

Sam’s club is the wholesale subsidiary of Walmart that offers checks online through their website. They offer you hundreds of check designs to pick from including, Mickey Mouse, Justice League, and Star Wars. Moreover, they offer check customization. You can customize your checks with a personal photo, family photos, however, you want.

Sam’s Club

If you have just started your business, Sam’s Club bundle packages might be helpful for you. These packages contain everything that a startup needs, like deposit slips, checks, stamps, a binder, and a bill organizer at quite a low price.

Customers can use their fraud protection feature called Fraud Armor to protect against losses up to $25000. They also offer a more affordable version of Fraud Armor which is Fraud Armor Lite. It provides coverage up to $2500 worth of fraud. Fraud Armor Lite is a good option for regular people as they don’t write extensive checks often.

4) Checks Superstore

Price: $7 for 150 checks

If your focus is on affordability, then turn to Checks Superstore. They offer checks at super affordable rates. Further, they have sorted checks into three different categories, inexpensive, designer, and discount checks. Regardless of your budget, they have a solution for every type of customer.

Checks Superstore

You can select your favorite style checks from their wide range, including Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars. Their website gives an option to buy affordable business items like high-security, printed, and manual checks.

5) Costco Checks

Basic check price: $17.45 for 400 checks

Costco checks have everything, from bulk grocery items to a gym membership. No wonder they have a separate channel to sell checks called Costco checks. The company offers its checks through Harland Clarke Check Printing.


We are suggesting Costco because they are famous for selling checks at discounted pricing. The only downside is that you have to have their membership to enjoy substantial discounts. Their check prices are 50% lower than the traditional banks offer. If you take executive membership, you will achieve an extra 20% off.

They have a wide variety of personal checks and also offer other premium designs and high-security checks. These premium checks feature heat-relative ink, fluorescent fibers, holograms, and watermarks.

Next time when ordering the next batch of checks, consider the above-listed options. You might strike a great deal with them.

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