4 new account bonus offers for 2021

Did you know that you can make $100 by just opening a new account? Numerous banks out there offer enticing benefits to attract their clients to open new accounts with them. However, obtaining a new account bonus is not easy as it sounds, you have to sort through the various banks’ offers to find the best ones.

We are glad to do the work for you. We have combed through some top trusted banks that offer the best new account bonuses to their clients. – some worth up to $1000 or even more.

Don’t want to miss out? Readout our round-up of the best banks in the US offering promotional discounts and find out the requirements you must qualify for each. Fortunately, most of them offer promotional offers for opening new accounts in all 50 states. However, a few have geographical restrictions, so be prepared for that.

4 Banks offering best new account bonus in 2021

The banks listed below provide promotional offers on high yield checking accounts and high yield savings accounts.

Most of the offers you can avail of online and some through popular brick-and-mortar. Online banks offer enticing yields on different other deposit accounts, for instance, money market accounts and certificates of deposit accounts.

If you’re up for a home or personal loan. In that case, opening deposit accounts with any of these accounts will qualify you for special perks like reduced living costs and low-interest rates.

1. Bank of America Advantage Banking – $100 promotional bonus

Bonus amount: $100

Bank of America Advantage Banking

How to avail: Opening an account at Bank of America Advantage safe banking, Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking, or Bank of America Relationship banking checking accounts via the promotional page will entitle you to a $100 bonus. While enrolling, use the code DOC100CIS. You need to deposit $25 for opening an Advantage Safebalance account and $100 for opening Advantage Plus or Advantage Relationship account. Within the first 90 days of opening the account, you will be entitled to two qualifying direct deposits of $250. However, your account must be active and should be in an excellent state to receive the bonus.

Where to open: Online

Eligibility: This is an online offer for new checking customers. To qualify for this offer, you must not have a Bank of America Personal checking account either as an owner or co-owner in the last 12 months. Excluding the Fiduciary accounts.

When you will receive the bonus: Within 60 days after fulfilling all the requirements.

2. HSBC Premier Checking – $450 bonus offer

Bonus amount: $450

HSBC Premier Checking

How to avail: Anyone who opens a new HSBC Premier Checking Account will become eligible for this bonus and receive it after fulfilling the following requirements.

  • Open your new HSBC Premier Checking account on the offer page.
  • Every month, make recurring qualifying direct deposits of at least $5000 from a third party to your newly opened account. The process must be done for three consecutive calendar months
  • To receive the bonus, make sure your account is open and has not been changed to a product with lower balance requirements. You can also opt to get 3% cashback – up to $100/month for the first six months.

Where to open: online

Eligibility: You must not have a prior consumer deposit or investment bank account with HSBC from March 31, 2018, till March 31, 2021. Additionally, you must have been a US resident for the last two years to open a deposit account. Clients who receive this offer will not be entitled to further new customer offers of HSBC.

When will you receive the bonus: Right after eight weeks of opening an account, you will receive $450 as a welcome deposit in your new account. You must meet all the above-stated requirements to receive the cash.

3. TD Bank Checking – $150 or $300 promotional bonus

Bonus amount: $150 – $300

TD Bank Checking

How to avail it: To avail of this offer, you will be required to open a TD Convenience Checking or TD Beyond Checking account. Make direct deposits in your newly opened account within 60 days. Your account should be active for a minimum of 6 months to qualify for the bonus. On depositing $500 in your TD Convenience Checking account, you will get $150, and depositing $2500 to your TD Beyond Checking account will give you $300. In either case, your account must be active.

Where to open: online

Eligibility: This offer is only for new checking accounts. To qualify for this, make sure you must not have held any TD Bank account within the last 12 months. You must be a resident of any of these states including Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, or Washington DC.

When will you receive the bonus: within 40 days of opening the account

4. Alliant Ultimate Opportunity Savings – $100 promotional bonus

Bonus amount: $100

Alliant Ultimate Opportunity Savings

How to avail:

  1. Open a new Ultimate Opportunity Saving account online or call at 800-328-1935 and use the code word Suze Orman,  the Ultimate Opportunity Saving account promotion.
  2. After opening, deposit $30 within 30 days and make transfers of at least $100 or more every month for 11 consecutive months.
  3. Maintain the average daily balance of $100. you will receive the bonus at the end of the 12th month period only when your account is active and open with a balance of at least $1200.

Where to open: Online

Eligibility: Only new Alliant Credit Union Members are eligible for this offer.

When you will receive the bonus: Within four weeks after fulfilling the requirement.

So, these were the top new account bonus offers of 2021. Rush to the websites that are offering them before they get invalid.

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