Crude Oil: What is Crude oil used for in everyday life

Crude oil and other dense liquids are products of fossil fuels. They are further refined to develop petroleum products which serve people in many different ways. Crude oil is one of the main products extracted from fossil fuel and has become an essential part of everyday life.  What is crude oil used for in everyday life? This is the question that strikes in one’s mind when products of fossil fuels and their usage are discussed.

What is crude oil?

Crude oil is basically a raw source of fuel available under the surface of the Earth. It is usually composed of 50%-97% of hydrocarbons. Other elements include, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulphur, Nickel, Vanadium, Iron and Copper.

It is a nonrenewable resource. It is formed due to decomposition of remains of prehistoric algae and plankton found at the bottom of the ocean. There it combines with different layers of sediment and other ocean rocks and becomes a wax-like substance called KEROGEN. It is further refined to get the final product.

There are many refineries dedicated to process the crude oil and turn into a usable product. Crude oil plays an important role in our everyday lives. Since the advent of automobiles, it has become the key constituent of fuel that is consumed all over the world.

What is crude oil used for in everyday life?

Crude oil has found usage in many different business industries, including logistics and transportation, where it is consumed in cars, buses, airplanes, trains, etc. The crude oil is also used to generate electricity in many countries.

Crude oil is refined to make a variety of different petroleum products. The residue of petroleum is not wasted. It is also used to make different commonly-used products. The residue of petroleum is used to make tar, paraffin wax, asphalt and lubricating oils. It is also used in the making of certain chemicals such as perfumes, insecticides, fertilizers, soap and even vitamin capsules.

Textile products contain crude oil byproducts. Some textile products can contain up to 40% of petroleum byproducts.

The residue of petroleum is also used to make plastic. It is mixed with different chemicals to produce different quality and types of plastics. The finest of the plastics produced by petroleum is used in the carbon fiber that is used in aircraft. Other types of plastics are used to make PVC pipes, cosmetics and plastic bags. The finest quality of plastic is used to manufacture heart valves.

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What are the types of crude oil?

There are various types of crude oil which are categorized according to their compositions.

Brent blend is a type of crude oil found in the oil fields near the North Sea. It is the standardized crude oil used in Europe and Africa. It is used to extract gasoline and is refined in Northwest Europe.

The “light, sweet” crude oil is the title given to the West Texas Intermediate crude oil. It is the premium crude oil, because it has low Sulphur content, and is relatively lighter than other types of crude oil. This is the standardized crude oil used in the United States of America.

According to a report published by the Energy Information Administration, it is estimated that average crude oil production in the US will remain 11 million barrels per day this year, down from 11.3 million barrels per day in 2020, and 12.2 million barrels per day in 2019. 

Shale oil is another type of crude oil that was discovered some years ago. It lies under the layers of shale rocks. Contemporary drilling techniques are utilized to break the rocks so that the oil under them can be extracted.

Crude Oil became the chief source of the energy industry in the mid- 1950s. With the passage of time, the industries progressed and the impact of crude oil in daily life also increased drastically.

As mentioned above, the products obtained from crude oil play a vital role in our daily lives. Ranging from automobiles to plastics and textiles – different products that are obtained from crude oil – are used to make our lives easier.  

According to economists’ crude oil is the single most important commodity of the world, as it remains the primary source of energy production. There are various stigmas attached to it like increment in pollution and global warming. But until and unless an alternative is discovered, crude oil will remain the most valuable commodity of the world.

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