What assistance is given to the torture survivors in the United States?

Torture survivors live among us, talk like us, and act like us, but deep down in their hearts they carry a burden which they are reluctant to share with anyone. They fear that speaking up might put them or their family in the harm’s way again. However, not all types of tortures are same. The most common type around the world is political torture. These torture survivors suffer from various mental and physical problems and there are different government-funded programs out there in the US to help such individuals.

When the world acknowledged the problem

Office for the Victims of Crime summoned a meeting on 7 October 1998 to discuss and learn about giving care to torture survivors who survived politically motivated torture. Its main purpose was to introduce care and rehabilitative services and the program was titled, ‘Caring for Torture Survivors.’ There were representatives from 14 centers from across the United States along with professionals from other countries as well.

During this meeting, the decided notions are still applicable for torture survivors. There are more than hundreds and thousands of politically motivated torture survivors around the globe and around 400,000 in the United States alone.

These torture survivors live the life of aliens because they fear that if they release the names of their abusers, they may put their families at a risk. Moreover, politically motivated tortures are like nightmares that sabotage a person’s self-worth. Not only it affects their mental health, but it also destroys their self-confidence to come out and tell the world what had happened to them. This is why many torture survivors never come forward.

Politically motivated tortures

United nations defines politically motivated tortures as acting in an official capacity to torture someone and curb the dissent. This means that torture can occur without the involvement of the government or any government officials.

What is the definition of torture survivors?

The term torture in the United States is defined as cynical family violence, cult satanic practices, and ritualistic abuse. Other than these, drug-related crimes, urban violence, and criminal activities also fall under the banner of torture in the United States. Those who have been victims of torture are generally known as torture survivors. There are organizations and treatment centers all around the United States to help and assist torture survivors.

What is assistance to torture survivors?

In the United States, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) exist to offer help and assistance to torture survivors by supporting different domestic programs and centers. The primary objective of ORR is to utilize the funds at its disposal and use it to help the torture survivors for their rehabilitation and treatment, which may include medical assistance, legal help, and social services. Moreover, the ORR also provides training to healthcare professionals to better equip them the resources required to address the torture survivors’ psychological and physical issues.

What is the eligibility criteria for assistance to torture?

The basic and mandatory requirement for any individual is to be a torture survivor. If you have survived any sort of torture and need help, then this government-funded program is surely going to help you.

Which another type of assistance is available to torture survivors?

Treatment centers for torture survivors

As more survivors are becoming vocal about their misery, the people of the United States of America are now realizing the gravity of the situation and importance of the subject. Different treatment centers across the United States help these survivors to get their confidence back and live with their heads up.

However, the organizational structure of the treatment center varies from treatment center to treatment center. Some may hire psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and social workers, while others may depend on voluntary services.

Whatever the organizational structure of a treatment center is, one thing is certain and that is all the centers must provide the torture survivors with a trusted relationship. It is important because when a person faces torture, they lose trust in everyone. For their healing, they must build their trust and face their demons. Moreover, they must also get a healthy and healing environment. The centers must provide them with healthy food, safe shelter, and clean clothes to wear until they recover from their trauma and are back on their feet again.

Apart from that, there are nurses as well to ensure that the survivors’ physical wounds heal without causing them infection or anything. This will not only motivate them to keep making progress, but it will also assure them that if they can heal physically, they will heal mentally as well. Their mental health is also kept in check with long-term psychotherapy sessions.

Before we conclude, we want to tell all our readers, if you know any torture survivors, please ask them to go to one of their nearest treatment centers and seek treatment. You can also click here to get more details about the program to help yourself or someone you know. You can also use the following details to get in touch with the concerned department using the following number:

  • 202-260-7614

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