VA Clothing Allowance Form, Qualifying Criteria, and Application Deadlines

In the United States, the term “veteran” is used to refer to individuals who have previously served in the Armed Forces and were not found involved in any dishonorable act until their release. They are offered certain federal benefits in return for the services provided to the nation.

One of such benefits is the VA Clothing Allowance. Veterans who developed medical conditions that may cause their clothing to wear out or get damaged quickly are eligible to receive these benefits. Examples include skin diseases that require frequent application of medications and the use of artificial limbs or orthopedic devices.

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Application to avail these benefits can be made via the. However, before moving on to the application process, it must be discussed that the said benefit will only be granted if disabilities or health concerns were developed due to a service-related event.

What is covered under the VA Clothing Allowance?

Eligible individuals are entitled to receive up to $795.21 per year and this allowance is classified as a “special claim”. The category of benefits is similar to that of the Specially Adaptive Housing and Automobile Special Adaptive Equipment.

The VA Clothing Allowance covers basic garment items such as pants, shirts, shorts, blouses, skirts, etc., but does not account for items like shoes, hosiery, undergarments, hats, and scarves.

Qualifying Criteria

  • The orthopedic or prosthetic aid being used causes damage to the clothes, or the medicines prescribed for skin conditions leave stains that cannot be removed.
  • Even though most eligible individuals are liable to receive this allowance only once a year, some may be allowed to receive it more frequently if:
    • they suffer from multiple disabilities owing to the service, which requires the use of several assistive devices
    • they are prescribed more than one medicine for various skin problems developed during their service
    • the prosthetics or other devices used by them causes harm to multiple clothing categories

Application Process

A prerequisite to avail these benefits is getting the Service Condition from the Veterans Benefits Administration. Next, the applicant is required to complete the VA Clothing Allowance Form. The formal name for this form is VA Form 10-8678. Many veterans make the mistake of sending the filled-out form to the regional office. However, the correct procedure is to send it to a local VA Medical Center (VAMC)’s Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service department.

The deadline for submitting the VA Clothing Allowance Form is 1st August of the year for which benefits are intended to be received. Annual benefits are then disbursed to eligible veterans any time between the start of September to end of October.

Veterans who are temporarily disabled or require the use of skin ointments for a certain duration only, need to reapply for Clothing Allowance every year. However, those who have a permanent disability don’t need to apply every year and will be eligible to receive the benefit on an ongoing basis.

Having discussed all you might need to know about availing of the VA Clothing Allowance, and providing a link to the required form, we hope you find this article helpful.

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