Top 5 scholarships for Hawaiians

Education is the key to your successful future. However, many are unable to afford this luxury. When we say education has become a want, we mean, the ongoing competitiveness between educational institutions has caused the surge in tuition costs, which is not only unaffordable for the masses but also takes away the right to have equal education.

However, if you are an American, you will get your right to education. To make secondary education affordable and easy for you, the Federal Government not only gives student loans with low-interest rates to students to continue their education, but there are multiple scholarships available as well.

There are 52 states in the US and each state has specific educational benefits for prospective students. Like other states, Hawaii also has beneficial scholarships for Hawaiians to ease the financial burden.

Since 1959, when Hawaii became a state, it has seen rapid progress in its primary and secondary education systems. Today, the state of Hawaii has many institutions and universities that impart quality education to all the students. University of Hawaii, Manoa, is the largest and the most popular institution for secondary and post-secondary education. Apart from this, Hawaii Pacific University, the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Brigham Young University, and many others are some of the important educational institutions.

Moreover, the University of Hawaii, Manoa ranks 89th on the list of best universities in the US. With ample opportunities for those who want to pursue their education in Hawaii, students now are getting attracted to accredited educational institutions. To promote this view, there are multiple scholarships for Hawaiians that are introduced to ease the financial burden while allowing access to education for the native students.

If you are a native Hawaiian and didn’t know about these scholarships, read below to find the best possible scholarship available for you, and kick start your journey to acquire professional education.

Top five Scholarships for Hawaiians in Hawaii

Alma White – Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship

The Alma White Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship application goes live in November and its deadline is in January. To apply for this scholarship, you’ll need two recommendation letters.

Hawaii Community Foundation (HFC) funds Alma White – Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship. It provides a $4 million accumulative grant for one fiscal year. For each prospective student, it provides around $1000 funds, for those who belong to Hawaii and want to pursue a teaching career.

To check eligibility, you need to be a bachelor’s or master’s student, with majors in teaching. Furthermore, you’ll need an accumulative of 2.7 GPA and will have to show proof that you need financial assistance.

Bank Of Hawaii Foundation Grants

In partnership with Hawaii Community Foundation (HFC), the Bank of Hawaii provides scholarships worth $3500 to 26 deserving Hawaiian candidates each year. This scholarship is meant for children of bank employees who want to attain higher education. The deadline for this scholarship is January 31, each year. To apply for it, you will require transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and a personal essay.

To meet the eligibility criteria, you must be a graduate from a high school and currently enrolled in an accredited two-year or four-year bachelor’s degree in a non-profit US institution. Along with it, you must be a full-time student with 12+ credit hours per semester and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to keep up with the grant.

The Gromet Foundation need-based Scholarship

The Gromet Foundation has been offering scholarships to students with financial constraints since 1990. Moreover, it provides $20,000 over four years of a bachelor’s degree program. This is the largest grant given to Hawaiian students. This scholarship is only available to those students who have a weak financial background and are residents of Hawaii.

It has a little over-the-top application process. To apply, only Hawaiian High School counselors can fill the application form on the behalf of students. Along with the application form, the packet must also consist, transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, tax returns, and a personal essay. Moreover, the counselor must sign the packet and submit it before October 28, every year.

To get accepted for the scholarship, the student must be a US national and a resident of Hawaii. Moreover, the student must maintain a full-time status in an accredited four-year university program with 12+ credit hours per semester. The the family income of the student must be less than 150% of the federal poverty level.

Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation

Servco Pacific Inc. sponsors Fukunaga scholarship and provides $18000 in scholarships for Hawaiians throughout the four years of bachelor’s degree program. With this grant, a recipient can attend any accredited four-year institution in the US, including Loyola Marymount, Emory, Chapman, Gonzaga, and Babson. Moreover, to apply for the grant, one must submit a four-page application form along with a transcript, SAT/ACT scores, Student Aid Report, and two letters of recommendation.

To check if you are eligible to receive the scholarship, you must graduate from a public Hawaiian high school. You must have majors in business, marketing, human resources, economics, management, finance, or related fields. Apart from this, one must maintain a 3.0 GPA and must show leadership capacity for the global business climate.

Henry and Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship

Those who are willing to make a future in theatre arts must enjoy a $5000 worth of Henry and Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship. Pasadena Playhouse presents this grant in memory of a 1940 alumnus, who was successful in developing a studio in Los Angeles. Anyone who wishes to pursue acting, set designing, film direction, sound techniques, playwriting, or any other related field, must apply before February to get the scholarship.

If you are a legal resident in the Western US or Alaska or Hawaii, or you are enrolled as a full-time student with 12+ credit hours per semester into an accredited university, and maintain a 3.0 GPA, consider yourself an eligible applicant for the scholarship.

Before we conclude this article, let us tell you that these are just five scholarships from the pool of many. If you are a Hawaiian, and wish to continue higher education, these scholarships for Hawaiians are the best way to acquire higher education while saving money simultaneously. 

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