Real estate investor salary – How much does a Real Estate investor make annually

As of July 21, 2021, the annual salary for a real estate investor in the US is estimated to be $123, 937 a year. Just in case you need a simple calculation then it works out approximately to be $59.59 per hour. This is equivalent to $2,383/week or $10,328/month.

In the contemporary business situation, more than five million people are engaged with the real estate industry just in the United States. Multiple career opportunities are there that are connected with just a single real estate industry. Many of them require licensing including real estate licensing and certifications, continued education, and many other degrees and experiences.

If we talk about real estate investor salary, then it greatly depends on how much an investor is investing, how much time he devotes and what type of deals he crack per year along with a slew of many other factors.

Do you really want to pursue a real estate career in your future? And you want to know the real estate investor salaries to stay afloat? Here’s what you should expect from the career to earn.

Average real estate investor salaries

According to most sources available on the internet, an average real estate investor’s salary ranges between $70,000 and $124,000. But as mentioned above, they can vary. There are multiple ways that you can avail yourself of investor’s in order to invest in real estate. By fixing and flipping properties, and hosting short and long-term rental platforms like VRBO and Airbnb, and by purchasing family properties at a good price you can be a landlord to earn potentially in different ways.

Real estate investor salary – How much does a Real Estate investor make annually

Every method you choose has its benefits as well as determinants and the potential to deliver. Plus, average real estate investor salaries vary according to the position and categories that this niche holds. Look at the quick overview of annual salaries of some of the categories:

  • Home flipping – $62,900 minus rehab cost per flip.
  • Wholesaling – $21,500 to $98,500
  • Short-term rentals – $35,150 to $ 61,097
  • Rental Property investing – $27, 500 to $121,000

A real estate investor’s salary depends on the geographical location as well. As a US recruiting website ZipRecruiter, every state bears different salaries where North Carolina is the one with the least average real estate investor annual salaries with $99,700. On the other hand, investors of Massachusetts and New York earn the most with $134,657 and $135,942 respectively.

How can you make more as a real estate investor?

You may have perceived the idea about an average salary if you consider a specific category in the real estate industry. But luckily, there are controllable ways that you can execute to scale up your career if you are not making enough from the position you are in currently. Following are some ways you can apply to improve your spending and earnings as an investor.


If you deal in single-home property or rental properties, then diversify your circle and expand your investments into other forms of real estate. Try adding a multifamily property, vacation home, or discover a new way of selling. This will potentially increase your earnings and additionally, it may bring out something that you will find beneficial for your real estate career.

Do more deals

The option is quite self-explanatory. The more you invest or deal with homes located in the most desired areas of your city or state the more potential your earning could get annually. If you are flipping 5 homes per year, try adding two more to the row. If you possess three rental properties, consider adding another one with multistoried constructions to improve your annual earnings.

Real estate investor salary – How much does a Real Estate investor make annually

Get a mentor

If you have just started your real estate career or your professional career isn’t working out best for you, then find someone more experienced than you or look under the organization that comes before you. Most real estate investors after successfully earning and reaching their milestones run real estate mentorship programs, they can help and guide you to grow your career in the real estate industry as well as your earnings. You can even ask for referrals in your recommended areas if you remain in touch with their programs.

Work on your selling or investing skills

Enroll in mentorship programs and prepare yourself to take on the challenge by aiming to improve your earnings by enhancing your skills. If you work on your communication skills, for instance, it can bring out higher returns and lower costs from your next flip. If you improve your architectural skills it will lower your rehab costs eventually. Even working for small improvements can bring a drastic change down the line and your earnings can also take a boost along with your business.

Change your location

The discussion above spilled out the fact that location matters a lot in real estate returns and varies depending on your activities in your area. If your rental properties are not delivering the expected ROI, then switching to another location will be a better move. Try investing in a new city with a bigger potential and real estate market. But for that, you need to do research for the potential real estate market and to compile a plan to manage the property outside your locale.

Raise your prices

Of course, you will earn more if you increase your rental prices for your annual flips. But you need to be mindful while you increase that it should be justifiable. If it’s not, then your property would possibly remain vacant and could hurt cash flow throughout the year.

It all depends on the sale and the earnings of annual flips that determine the real estate investor salary. If you are a real estate investor and struggling to escalate your earnings then these tips may help you to strike your real estate career as there are always some beneficial ways to build your earnings.

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