How to prepare yourself for the Open job interview: 5 pro tips to ace it

Job interviews are a nightmare for many individuals. And let alone, an open job interview is another anxiety booster. Well, if you are here in search of tips and tricks to ace an open job interview, fret not, because we’ve got you covered.

Before we get onto tips directly, let us explain what an open job interview is and how does it work.

What is an open job interview and how does it work?

An open job interview also known as the walk-in interview is a tactic, which many businesses use for seasonal hiring, or if they are looking for more than one candidate to fill an immediate position.

For an open interview, you will have a timeslot, when the entire pool of participating candidates will report, and then the interviewers will conduct the interviews in a group setting, or on a one-on-one basis.

If this interview is scheduled at the organization’s office, there are chances that you may get an offer immediately. However, if you are preparing for an open job interview at a business event or a job fair, you may get a call for the second interview if the recruiters shortlist you.

If you are in for an on-spot interview, it means that you will face a wide pool of candidates and will have less time to impress the recruiter. Unlike that, in a scheduled interview, you can go being fully prepared. However, in an open job interview, you have to be spontaneous and must know the art of improvisation. Apart from that, some handy tricks will help you stand out amongst your competitors.


Important keynotes before an open job interview

Look your best

Your dress or attire says all about you. When you appear in front of someone, your style gives your first impression. When they say fashion is a statement, it is not a lie. If you have seen an ad for an open job interview on the internet or in the newspaper, then do check out the company profile and website. From there, you’ll get an idea of what kind of attire will work best. However, if you are going to a job fair, where the chances to meet multiple employers are high; wearing business casual is a smart choice.

Keep important documents with you

If you have your business documents available with you, it will show the recruiter that you are ready. Keep all the documents, including multiple copies of your resume, cover letter, and a notebook with a pen to take notes, with you.

Be there before time

Be punctual for your interview. Your arrival time on an interview will help determine the interviewers about how reliable you can be for the company. Moreover, it is better to reach the destination early. Not only will it keep you intact, but you will also be confident when you will enter the interview room. Moreover, if you are feeling anxious, being early at your interview site, will give you some time to relax and calm down.

Answer the questions confidently

Open job interviews are usually short and to the point, because there are many candidates in waiting. During your interview, you will only have a couple of minutes to make your impression. Remember, your first impression is your last impression. Therefore, you need to practice cliché interview questions like, ‘ tell us about yourself, why do you want to work here, what are your long-term goals, what qualifies you for the job, etc.’ Remember, you won’t have much time to talk about, that is why keep your answers concise yet descriptive.

Follow-up and distinguish yourself

Many individuals think that once the interview is over, they don’t have anything else to do other than wait. However, you can practice a very common habit. Once you are back home after an interview, send a personal ‘Thank You’ mail to the company.

You can also take a follow-up after a few days. This would not only highlight your application, but will also highlight you as a willing candidate. This practice will boost your chances of getting hired. It will also be a good opportunity to build your network for the future prospects, even if you didn’t qualify for the current position.

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