Low-income housing for single mothers

So, it’s final!

You are going to be a single mother to your precious angel. But how would you cope? Finances, house, chores, and child care – all these areas demand your efforts and energy.

You know you can manage most of these things effortlessly. But there are resources you need to take care of without much input from family and friends. Housing is one big expense which needs your attention.

And you are afraid.

Worry not! Start your search and you will get quite a few solutions that support low-income housing for single mothers.

Choices to get a house on rent

Choices to get a house on rent

If you cannot afford the rent of a decent property for yourself and your children, the following options will ease your burden:

Housing choice voucher program

Like most other housing options on this list, this program is offered to all low-income families irrespective of marital status.

The program works by subsidizing the rent by paying a partial amount of rent to the landlord of the family being assisted.

Its eligibility criteria are that the income of the household should be half or less than half of the median income of the area of their residence.

Section 8 voucher

These vouchers offer more freedom to eligible single mothers as these mothers are free to choose the home they can rent. They can also be used for buying a home. The eligibility criterion is similar to that of the previous program requiring the family to earn no more than 50% of the median income of their area.

However, the government is obligated to give three fourth of these vouchers to those families who earn less than 30% of the median income of the area.

Free apartments from not-for-profit organizations

Various not-for-profit organizations work to help mothers get free and safe homes. These include Bridge of Hope, YCWA, Housing Choice, Hardship Grants, and Social Serve.

The best part is the ease of access with which you can get housing assistance from these organizations. You may have to check for eligibility, which depends on the income you earn. The required earnings of single mothers differ from program to program.

Public housing programs

The option of public housing is also available to you. Although the government has kept these housing areas safe and reasonably maintained, these usually show high crime rates.

These schemes should be the last option for you to consider in housing your family.

Weatherization Assistance Program

It is a relevant program that decreases the cost of lodging for single mothers. However, it only helps these households in building their home’s resistance towards changes in weather and other environmental conditions.

Under this program, the state government authorizes local agencies to energy audit low-income family homes and offer necessary measures to reduce energy use in these homes.

Choices to buy a home

Choices to buy a home

Yes, you can buy a home even with the limited finances you are managing right now! Here are a few options to get a house loan.

Work on credit history

For most newly divorced women and mothers, credit history becomes a huge hurdle and keep them back in getting a home loan. The government assists them to build reliable credit scores by including monthly bills in calculations. Usual bills that contribute towards a healthy credit score include utility bills, house rent, and insurance payments. All you have to do is to show that you have promptly paid these expenses in the last twelve months to qualify for a home loan.

Cutting on down-payment

Several banks and credit agencies provide house loans with as little as zero down payments. USDA Rural Development provides the most favorable option with no upfront investment and manageable mortgage payments.

California Housing Finance Agency requires a 1% down payment while Federal Housing Administration requires 3.5% in terms of paid-up capital.


It’s natural to worry about skyrocketing housing costs if you are transitioning towards a single-income household system. Before you agree to move into a public housing unit, know that you have several, more decent choices available.

And just don’t give up the dream of owning a house as this option is also available to you thanks to easy down payment plans.

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