World of Warcraft and the declining users How to cancel WOW subscription

World of Warcraft (WOW) is a world-famous online multiplayer game by Blizzard entertainment. It is considered one of the pioneers in role-playing games. World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and since then more than 100 million gamers have made their accounts on the gaming platform giving the gaming company a business of billions of dollars.

However, a speedy decline has been observed in the number of users signing in from their paid accounts. Newer interactive online games are the reason why many users are asking how to cancel wow subscriptions.

It has been noted that many WOW subscribers have wished to cancel their WOW subscription or do not wish to renew it once the term expires.

World of Warcraft and the declining users How to cancel WOW subscription


WOW is one of the oldest platforms in the gaming world and the firm is given due respect for their long run in the world of online gaming by upgrading themselves according to the newer technologies being introduced in the gaming industry. But nobody can blame the user’s behavior to move towards newer options available in the market.

WOW is trying its level best to revive itself in the market with new starter edition packs for the new players. The new free starter edition packs allow the new player to enjoy the game to a level of 20 without any hurdles or restrictions. They are only required to avail of the freebie which is readily available in the battle net account of the fame. Still, people are opting out to cancel their subscriptions.

Here is a detailed account on how to cancel WOW subscription

The WOW cable subscription can be canceled any time from your Blizzard entertainment account. The user is eligible to play the game even after the wow subscription is canceled until the gaming time expires. However, the account will become dormant or inactive once the game time has expired.

If you want to continue playing it all you need to do is renew your WOW subscription. WOW, a subscription can be canceled via its Blizzard account or the Battle net account.

Let’s have a look at the steps to follow to cancel your wow subscription with a Blizzard account:

  •       Open the blizzard website from the browser
  •       Now log in to your blizzard account and provide all the personal details
  •       Lookup for your account that you need to cancel the subscription
  •       Open that account and click Manage next to it
  •       Now choose “Cancel Subscription”
  •       You have canceled your WOW subscription successfully.

How to cancel WOW subscription with the Battle net account?

If you are having any issues in canceling the WOW subscription; you can always do that by opting for a Battle net account. If you wish to cancel WOW subscription using a Battle net account that follows the steps

  • Log in to the WOW site with your battle net account
  • Now select the Games and subscription option
  • Here lookout for the account you are looking to cancel if you have a multi-account under one name
  • Click manage on that particular account and now click on Cancel the subscription
  • You have successfully canceled your World of Warcraft subscription

The user of the World of Warcraft game must keep in mind the price and duration of the subscription before opting for it according to its usage.

How to cancel WOW subscription with the Battle net account


A user should be aware of the difference between World of Warcraft subscription charges and the separate charges he/she will be paying to play the game before actually subscribing.

The WOW subscription plans are readily available for its users for 1, 3, and six months’ duration but the game time subscription is different.

The game time subscription is bought separately according to how regularly you will be investing time to play the game online.  It is advised that you should immediately cancel your WOW subscription if you are not planning to use it for the time being. The unfortunate part is that you will not receive the money back that you invested in your subscription which you canceled before its expiry date. But the good part is that you can continue to play the games of World of Warcraft until the subscription period ends as per the subscription duration you initially bought.

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