How Long is a VA Appraisal Good for- Answering the Commonly Asked Questions

If you require a VA loan to buy a house, you need to know all about VA appraisals and how to get one, along with common queries like how long is a VA appraisal good for or what the process is. Before you get a VA loan, you need to learn all about VA appraisals because once your appraisal is accepted, you can decide on your home loan acceptance.

Top Questions on VA Appraisal

To get you ready for such a time, here is the list of questions to go through to know everything about VA appraisals.

What is a VA Appraisal?

The VA appraisal is a crucial stage for buying a house for yourself, amongst other things. The VA safeguards your earnest money deposit and offers loans, and sometimes even without down payments.

The appraisal scrutinizes the value of the property and the state of what you have in interest. You need an independent VA appraiser to check out the property for each loan you take for a house. They will appraise if the price goes hand in hand with the condition and all that the property offers. They also examine the cleanliness and safety of the house. If you decide to buy the house after its assessment, you would have to ask the lender to order the VA appraisal, provided if you can receive one.

If you do qualify for the benefits, you can ask for a home loan. In a VA loan, the VA guarantees the backing of the house instead of the private lender. So if there is an issue with the mortgage loan, the VA would be held accountable. The VA will then reimburse the loan debt to the private lender.

Is a VA Appraisal Necessary?

A VA appraisal is required for a VA loan. An appraisal is mainly done so that the borrower is satisfied with what s/he’s buying and happy in his/her investment. Moreover, it is also done for the VA’s safety as s/he gives his/her guarantee for the loan. So, if you do not go through the VA appraisal process, the VA can deny your request for the loan. Likewise, if the VA doesn’t authorize your appraiser, they can refute your appraisal and loan.

What are the Processes of Ordering VA Appraisal on a VA Loan?

In the case of a conventional loan, an officer usually asks for the appraisal before accepting the loan’s request. However, the loan broker needs to order the VA portal’s appraisal in the VA home loan. The VA portal is an online portal where the lender examines your appraisal and loan evidence. Here, you can file for a new appraisal and fill in the information for a VA appraisal. Your dealer informs you of the correct time in buying process to demand an appraisal.

Who Pays for the Appraisal?

Whoever is buying the property pays for the appraisal. If you need the loan, you have to pay a small price for the appraisal. The larger the property and the posher location it is in, the higher the appraisal price. The price can range from $500 to $800. Before the requests from the lender for a VA home appraisal come, you have to pay the fee.

Is the Buyer Allowed to be at the Appraisal?

It is not stated anywhere of any party’s non-allowance, be it the VA broker, buyer, or even the estate agent. But, the broker might not want you there, or the appraisers might not even discuss the dealings with you. Your presence won’t make a difference; either way, you’ll get a complete photocopy of the appraisal report after it’s done.

What are the Minimum Property Requirements?

VA home loan needs Minimum Property Requirements to be fulfilled. Other government-supported loans like the USDA loan and FHA loan also have this prerequisite before filing a loan.

What are the Minimum Property Requirements

Minimum Property Requirements keep checking if there is sufficient heating, a dry basement, clean and sanitized indoors, or no lead-based paint. If the appraisal does conclude all included in the VA Minimum Property Requirements, the VA might reject your loan.

What is the Duration of an Appraisal?

The appraisal depends upon the size of the property and the ‘inspection depth of the appraiser. It does not take more than an hour, more times than often.

It does not take more than two weeks to receive the final report after the lender orders the appraisal, of which your VA vendor notifies you. However, location is a huge factor that affects this aspect.

How can you know the Status of the Appraisal?

Your lender is the only medium through which you can get any information over the appraisal or final report.

Your lender will electronically get a copy of the report just as a Staff Appraisal Reviewer is done assessing it. You can ask your lender about the status if there is no feedback until after ten business days.

What is a Notice of Value?

Staff appraisal reviewer gives the notice of value, (NOV) after looking over the final appraisal report.

The notice of value contains the final appraisal value and all the details of the Minimum Property Requirements the house might be missing. The NOV information is then put above all the previous information to decide whether to give a loan.

Can the Seller View the Appraisal?

The seller is not obligated to see the final appraisal or the NOV for that matter. The appraiser is only bound to send the copy to your lender, who sends it to you. Then, it is up to you if you want to show it to the seller.

If the VA appraisal contains issues about the price being higher than it should be, or if it calls for maintenances before the mortgage approval, you would want to show the report to the seller.

How Long is a VA Appraisal Good For?

The VA appraisal from the date is good for half a year. You will have to pay for the appraisal again if it’s past six months since your appraisal. So you cannot postpone your mortgage loan process unless you like paying for another appraisal.

How Long is a VA Appraisal Good For

The VA appraisal terminates after you finalize your loan, so you can’t use the appraisal again.

What if the VA Appraisal has Problems?

Your VA home appraisal might disappoint you. For example, there could be a possibility the seller is selling you in more than the worth of the house, which shows in the final appraisal report. Therefore, it could be a tough decision for you; to take it for a higher bid or leave it. These problems could change your verdicts.

An appraisal shows the fixes the seller should make before the VA approves your loan. If something doesn’t meet the minimum property requirements would need maintenance. You will have to let the seller know about the issues and ask him to fix them. But, if the seller refuses to do so, you will have no choice but to do it on your behalf if you want to go through with the loan.

Can You Dispute a VA Appraisal?

If the first appraisal of your order did not come up to what you had expected, you could indeed dispute it. You can dispute when you file an appeal, known as a reconsideration of value. So, in the process, you can be asked anything about the appraisal.

The reconsideration of value inspects the lender, seller, and the neighboring houses, along with the reason for your appeal. You might not come up with the result you wanted, and it might not change a thing, but it never hurt to try.

VA Appraisal vs. Home Inspection

A home inspection and a VA appraisal are often confused with being the same, but they are, in reality, two different sides of the coin.

A VA home appraisal is based on the house’s value, while the home inspection runs a more profound and thorough look at the present or potential complications with the home.

A VA appraisal only checks the house’s essentials, like the heating, safety, electrical systems, and roof conditions. On the other hand, the home inspection goes into further details like water damage or termite infestation.

A VA appraisal is quick to be over with, as it goes over only the basics as your appraiser might only be over your shoulder for a maximum of 60 minutes. However, a home inspection could take up to four hours or more for your inspector to inspect your home.


Here are all the answers to your questions about a VA appraisal that you might want to know. Buying a house, getting a loan, and appraisals are wanderers in the same boat. If they stick together and aid each other, they make the journey simpler.

However, with all the steps and procedures, one can mess up the other, but everything is your benefit to provide you fair and just deals. In the end, if you get the loan or not, it is all part of the legal system that you must follow.

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