Google pay vs. Samsung pay vs. Apple pay – Which is the best digital wallet app?

Within the past few years, digital NFC wallets have made their moves to almost every tech user. And why not, they are convenient and safe to use while you can keep them in your pocket without having a fuss. Wallet apps like Apple Wallet, Google pay, Samsung pay, PayPal, and Android pay use encryption to save your sensitive and personal data from prying eyes and this includes your credit card numbers and bank account details.

It can be seen how people have moved their choices from using cash to digital wallets over the years.

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What features make a good digital wallet?

To comprehend what makes a digital wallet dependable, first, you need to know what you should look for.

A wallet should be secure, versatile, and straightforward. To account for them in your list, check if they:

  • Support different banks and cards
  • Have multi-device functionality
  • Strong Security
  • More than one payment option


  • Support different banks and cards

A good digital wallet works for every kind of card and bank other than its credit or bank unions. It is also a plus if they keep your loyalty cards, passes, tickets, and gift vouchers to be used when needed. This additional feature will help you to spend your finances from a single door.

  • Multi-device functionality

It will be great too if the app functions on more than one device or across different operating systems. What makes an app great is the compatibility, which offers to use it on multiple devices at a time just like an app connected with your phone and with your smartwatch. If the app works fine in your wearable watch, then it is not necessarily a requirement to take out your phone or even keep it with your every time.

  • Strong security

A fully-featured digital wallet prevents hackers to breach security and has your bank details and credit card information protected from view by other users. It should also block users to take screenshots of your information and cards. It will be a plus if it supports a biometric unlock option so you only can access your digital wallet.

  • Payment options

Generally, you can use three payment options in an app; NFC, barcode scan, and a QR code scan. A good digital wallet app should have all three options.

Let’s find out what features are comparable when we want to compare Google pay vs. Samsung pay and Apple pay and which one is better.

Samsung pay

A digital wallet that works primarily on Galaxy phones. It is convenient to use through your wearable like smart Galaxy watches. The Samsung pay wallet works for more than 1000+ banks, loyalty cards, and credit card unions across Canada and the United States.

Samsung pay covers a massive list of banks and credit unions because of the trust it has built over the years using biometric security and encryption. It keeps the credit card number hidden until you proceed to check out and blocks screenshots.

It supports all three payment options. For in-store purchases, you can use NFC payment for convenience. Galaxy phones provide quick access to Samsung pay by swiping up from the bottom of any device.

If you want to use loyalty cards, it shows the high-resolution barcode on the screen to scan for the cashier. But it doesn’t keep track of your rewards from your loyalty cards, you can add your points manually and note them in the app if you want to.

Samsung pay wallet doesn’t offer to support gift cards or you cannot make online payments for your passes and tickets. If you want to do in-store shopping and use loyalty rewards to purchase from the Samsung store, Samsung Pay would be a good choice. It is indeed an easy-to-use digital wallet you can even use your wearable watch to maximize mobility.

Google pay

Google pay, formerly known as Android Pay, holds more than 3,000 US banks under its belt.  A versatile digital wallet that will not let you down when it comes to functionality through different operating systems. Google pay is capable of storing gift cards though, you need to update your balance manually as it cannot track them by itself. It also doesn’t support tickets and passes but you can easily use the digital wallet for online shopping and Google Play Store purchases.

Google Pay works on Android for NFC payments, but it is available for any online retailer. So just use the Google pay button when you check out.

With these great numbers of banks, Google pay has managed to keep the top-notch security for its users. Unless you select your payment options, it prevents showing your details on the screen. The encryption hides sensitive data and prevents screenshots until you come to the check-out option.

The up-to-date notifications allow you to have proper information about every transaction you make so you can easily track your spending. It may doesn’t have quick access or a shortcut option to have it opened on your screen but it comes up automatically when you use your assistant making it more convenient.

Apple wallet

The most versatile and flexible digital wallet in this tech age is the Apple wallet. It uses an Apple pay service and supports credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, passes, and tickets. Apple Pay service supports more than 4000 credit unions and banks, which makes it a huge competitor for both the digital wallet discussed above. But it only works on the iOS operating system incusing iWatches. It supports NFC for the retailers who use Apple Pay like App Store.

Apple pay offers strong security by using the same encryption that Google pay and Samsung pay to use to protect against data breaches and prevent third-party inclusions. By enabling face recognition and fingerprint touch you can secure your sensitive data more accurately.

Tickets and passes can also be used through authorized and supported vendors. It’s easy to organize your wallet as the Apple pay interface is user-friendly and it stores your choices which can help you check out even faster. If you are a user and have an iWatch, then Apple Pay digital wallet must be a good fit.

knowing all the facts and features Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Appley Pay deliver, how would you compare them in terms of usability and accessibility?

Digital Wallets Comparison in a glance

Features Google Pay Samsung Pay Apple Pay
Compatible devices Android Phones with HCE and NFC support having Android Kitkat version 4.4 and above All Galaxy Android phones after Note 5, Gear S3, S3, Gear Watch active, and Gear watches iPhones since SE, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, iPad pro and mini, and iPad 5th generation
Authentication  Fingerprint, password, and pattern Iris, Fingerprint, or PIN Fingerprint and Face ID
Cards Credit, Loyalty, Debit, and gift cards Credit, Loyalty, Debit, and gift cards Credit, Loyalty, and Debit cards
Banks 3,000+ US Banks 1000+ Banks across Canada and United States 4000+ US Banks
Accessibility Works with NFC terminals, In-app & web purchases Works with EMV terminals, NFC, and In-app purchases Works with NFC terminals, In-app & web purchases in Safari browser

Whatever choice you make when driving through digital wallet options, you now know what features you must look at when you want to use a digital app while keeping your sensitive data protected. The above comparison of Google Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay must have given you a strong viewpoint for your next digital app download. So make your choice wisely because it’s a matter of security and ease in

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