5 Benefits for Dependent Parents of Military Personnel

Military Personnel

Military personnel basically defend their country from any known and unknown threats. They are always on standby ready to assist the people and the government maintain order and keep the country safe. This is the reason soldiers are often considered as the pride of a country.

And so, the government assists the soldier by rewarding them for their services in monetary and non-monetary terms. It collectively includes the military benefits for dependent parents, spouses, and the troops themselves.

Thus, the relationship isn’t unrequited and both get great perks out of the mutual association. Where the military families face obstacles like deployments, rehabilitations, and constant fear of loss of their loved ones, on the other hand, the federal government and other companies arrange for the paybacks. The paybacks, however, depend upon several factors, for example, the rank of the soldier, the amount of time he or she has served in the military, etc.

Here are some of the military benefits for dependent parents that might make you think they are worth joining the military. But before we go through the gist of it, let’s understand who dependent parents are and how to identify if you are one.

Requirements to Enumerate as a Dependent Parent

To meet the requirements for becoming a dependent parent you ought to earn less than the gross income test limit for the present tax year. Mostly, social security income is not computed, but if you receive income on interest or dividends, some ratio of the social security is taxable.

To make it simpler, if you can pay more than half of the expenses of your domestic life, being a parent, you are not eligible to claim yourself as a dependent parent.

Dependent parents can have tax breaks. Dependent parents can live with you or apart, the term itself doesn’t entail distance between the child and the parents.

Top 5 Benefits for Dependent Parents of Military Personnel

Education Reimbursements

Plans like the Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance Programs support dependent parents with education, job, and career. With their outstanding returns, military educational benefits provide help in preparing you for life. Partners obtain large sums to educate their kids or aid in completing their degrees. You or your partner can receive up to $4,000 to cover these educational costs.

Moreover, being a dependent parent you can also allocate these benefits to your significant other or your child. You can get scholarships as the government provides them in the shape of programs specially designed for dependent military families. You can pay your child’s tuition fees and other education-related expenses through these programs.

Department of Defense assists military-dependent personnel’s children in earning free tuition and inexpensive education of supreme quality. For children who are aged from 6 to 12 years, the Department of Defense offers 172 Department of Defense Education Activity schools worldwide. Qualified pupils can have free tuition without a dime of payment.

For payment of higher education, dependent parents have an option to relocate the education benefits and pass them on to their family.

Medical Assistances

The whole household of the military dependent personnel is dependable on the health benefits that the military provides. The healthcare given is of the first order and only for the best.  Members of the family can even register in the Tricare family programs; might it be Tricare Extra, Tricare Standard, or Tricare Prime.

The families of the dependent parent in the military can also get medical care in the Military Treatment Facilities (MTF). Besides the MTF, military families can also get treatment from the Primary Care Managers at discounts, (PCMs). Through PCMs you can avail yourself of overnight hospital stays and extensive attention at a little price.

Moreover, the Department of Defense has a medical care program called Tricare. The dependent parents must be registered by showing their military background. You can otherwise sponsor it to obtain their care. In Tricare Standard, family members of the military personnel can recompense a yearly deductible and a discount of 20% every time they go to a hospital for healthcare.

On the other hand, in the Tricare Standard, the dependent family can decide one from a vast range of certified staff, doctors, health specialists, and nurses. However, in MTF there isn’t much variety to select from.

Tricare Extra has quite the same settings at standards, however, the government permits 85% markdown on all fees related to medical expenses. Be it a dentist or an eye-specialist, the dependent parents do not have to worry about the costs of all check-ups or the treatments. It also does not matter which option of Tricare you prefer. Furthermore, there are some military child care programs too.

Dependent parents can rely on the Department of Defense to have outstanding and affordable child care opportunities. They also have payment plans so that your checking account is not overburdened. As a result, you can email them and get this offer from anywhere in the world.

Programs like the Military and Family Life Counseling Program are meant to facilitate dependent parents’ children, in terms of behavioral support. Thereby, the counseling program deals with a range of concerns like reduced self-worth, behavioral issues, ups and downs at home. This program is specially provided to the children of dependent parents.

Merchandise and Facilities

Base commissaries, military and exchange stores are easily accessible to you if you are a dependent military personnel parent. So, you can get concessions on your grocery and basic stuff for home. Through Morale Welfare and Recreation activities, (MWR) a military-dependent parent can get their child to enjoy amazing facilities without putting a burden on their pocket.

These facilities include various recreational activities such as complete access to movie theaters, libraries, bowling alleys, in either a very low or more than often, free of cost. This way, dependent parent’s child doesn’t miss out on spending his or her best years and enjoy to their fullest.

Price Cuts

It is not just the government, but the private organizations also give major discounts to the dependent parent as military personnel. In that way, when you are out with children and looking for a discount over expensive dine-ins and designer suits, being a military member will give you a definite advantage. All the services and stuff you like can be reimbursed through the military ID you show them.

Some companies restrict their rebates to special days or particular items, whereas others propose a constant five to ten percent cut-rates. The only proof-dependent parent requires is the military ID.

In accordance with professional counseling for dependent parent child’s schooling, adoption, fundamentals, and needs, you don’t need to worry about your diminishing bank account because a military ID can give you free service.

Being a dependent parent, you can get the know-how on scholarships, loans and aids, and college institutes. Also, you can get information on adoption and everything related to it. You can also get knowledge on the medical gears, doctors and all the advantages that special children can get.

You can also learn about the private information of sustenance for parents-to-be and parents of children below 5 years of age.

You can get all this information while sitting with them or visiting. But, if you’re a working man or woman and you do not have time to get face-to-face guidance, you can chat with them online or have a video call with them.

And if that’s not enough and you don’t feel like typing or showing your non-presentable condition on a video call, you can have the guidance through telephone by just calling on the confidential non-medical counseling’s number.

Life Insurance

If you are a dependent parent be sure to receive your life insurance to protect the future of your children. Life insurance would be a part of your pay and benefits package.

Calamities can occur any time, maybe when you least expect it. And during the active duty of military personnel, it is expected at all times. So, in such a case, it is only wise to avail of this policy.

Dependent parents of military personnel can obtain up to $10,000, while spouses can attain up to $100,000. Dependent parents get up to 50 cents to $5 each month in the said deal.

A Bonus Benefit for Dependent Parents

Parenting Programs

Dependent parents of military personnel can have various benefits. It includes nurses, home visitation experts, and social workers.

The New Parent Program helps you by visiting your home and giving you parenting classes. This offer is for, as the name suggests, new parents. For the parents having children of up to five-year-olds, it offers admission in playgroups.

There are certain adoption benefits too by the Department of Defense Adoption Reimbursement Program, you can have monetary reimbursements annually. The payback can be from $2000 to $5000 per child for the expenses of the adoption.

Dependent parent military personnel can gain an adoption leave for 21 days without repercussions. You can have a tax credit for a year and if you are unable to use all of it in one year, you can carry it and can use it in the next year.


Raising kids is not easy. Along with all the physical and mental strains comes a financial backlash. On the other hand, if you cannot pay half of your household expenses and are a dependent parent as military personnel, you can calm your horses.

Being a dependent parent soldier, the assistance for the necessities of life is given to you. Education, medical and child care, adoption allowances, life insurances, and grants on services are provided so, that you can easily spend your life.

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