Who is eligible for the Alabama Family Assistance Program?

What is Alabama Family Assistance Program?

Family Assistance Program in Alabama is a welfare program that started after 1996 to assist families with dependent children who can’t afford the cost of living. After 1996, the program’s name changed to Aid for Families with Dependent Children (ADC or AFDC). Enrolled families get a small amount of money monthly to fulfill their needs. Moreover, the program also benefits the families to avail Medicaid, food stamps, and childcare assistance required by the working parents.

If you also have difficulty paying your bills because your income is low and you have a family to cater to, then apply by filling an application at the Department of Human Resources.

However, before you apply for the program, see if you are eligible for it or not. Read below to see if you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for Alabama Family Assistance Program.

Eligibility Criteria for the Alabama Family Assistance Program

The first criterion is, your annual income must be low and you must have a child (or more) under eighteen to take care of.

Secondly, you must be unemployed and require assistance from the Alabama Family Assistance Program.

Thirdly, if you are already on the Family Assistance program and get a forty-hour per week job, you stay eligible for up to six more months. It means you will have access to Medicaid and child care both. However, you will have to report your job as soon as possible, to reap the program’s benefits.

Lastly, you will receive the aid for no more than five years of your lifetime.

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and want to know how to apply for the Alabama Family Assistance Program, then read further.

How to Apply for Alabama Family Assistance Program?

Before you do anything, you will have to submit an application to your nearest DHR office.

Once you apply, you will receive an appointment call from a worker. The worker will also tell you to look for work in between the application and the appointment date. If you don’t follow this instruction, you may not be able to get assistance.

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and follow the steps, the chances are that the DHR will approve your application for Alabama Family Assistance program. As soon as you receive your confirmation, you will have to enroll in forty hours per week work-like activity.

The activity can be anything: you may do volunteer work, you may apply for a job’s preparation placement, vocational training, on-the-job training, etc.

Once you get the aid, discuss the process further with your designated worker as that person will tell you about what you will have to do in exchange for the program. Be sure to discuss all the pointers and ensure you get the assistance that caters to your needs.

However, if you won’t involve yourself in work-like activity, you may face severe consequences.

What are the consequences of not being enrolled in a work-like activity?

If the DHR finds out that you are not involved in a work-like activity, your check amount will reduce. If you don’t start after that and you stay like that for more than three months, your grant will stop immediately. Moreover, if your grant stops, you won’t be able to receive it for a few more months, and if you refuse a job without any good reason, your aid will stop right away.

What good causes will DHR accept?

If you give the below-listed reasons, DHR will accept your cause for not enrolling yourself in a work-like activity.

You were sick.

You had to stay at home because one of your family members is ill and needs immediate attention.

Your child is under six years and you had trouble with childcare.

You face transportation issues.

You got involved in a personal or family crisis. (You will have to explain it in detail).

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