A Stepwise Guide to South Carolina Unemployment Benefits

The South Carolina unemployment benefits scheme is a temporary state extended monetary aid to jobless individuals/workers in South Carolina that remain unwaged due to unavoidable circumstances, and by no means on account of their own culpability.

Eligibility Criteria

The financial relief operates under the prescribed standards of the South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 41. Entitlement to the benefit program is determined on the following metrics:

  • The individual must be unemployed.
  • He / she must have rendered service in South Carolina during the past twelve months.
  • Active job search is in progress by the individual during each week the benefit is being claimed.
  • On mandatory grounds, the person has conducted 2 weekly job searches in the SC Works Online Services portal.
  • On account of being jobless, working hours are less than the set standard of a full-time job (30 hours/week). However, it is compulsory for the individual to highlight any work is done and total wages earned during the claimed week, which may include part-time jobs or any other odd occupation.
  • The person is not responsible for the loss of his / her last working job.
  • Against an appropriate job offer, the individual is available for service.

To determine the eligibility for the South Carolina unemployment benefits, a claim must first be filed for further analyzing the provided data so as to gauge admissibility.


There are possibilities of standing ineligible for the weekly fiscal aid determined on grounds of the failure to meet the above-stated general requisites in view of the details provided by the claimant and /or their employer.

One may also stand ineligible if found guilty of Unemployment Insurance UI) fraud on account of which an individual will be rendered disqualified from the state privilege.

Penalties: On grounds of proven deception and illegal fund receive, the individual will be accountable for his / her tactic and subject to being penalized. The prescribed penalties comprise the following:

  • The person will be disqualified for a period of 52 weeks during which he/she cannot avail of the financial assistance.
  • Provision of false information is also subject to legal action that can toll up to a fine of $ 100,000 and imprisonment of up to 10 years.
  • Any overpayments received through fraudulent means will have to be returned to the state, and which may also be settled by the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) by seizing of the federal income taxes or withholding of future salary of the individual till clearance of the debt.

Stepwise Guide to Registration & Claim Filing

Step 1: Account creation and verification of information

  • Visit the website dew.sc.gov and click on ‘MyBenefits portal’ icon.
  • To start, initially select the ‘Register now’ button and click on ‘verify with ID.me’ and complete information filling. After the verification process is through, you will be re-directed to the DEW ‘Mybenefits’ portal.

Step 2: Register for an account on the ‘Mybenefits Portal’

Step 3: File for a new claim

Step 4: Case for a weekly claim

Step 5: It is mandatory to successfully complete 2 weekly job searches in the SCWOS (as of April 18, 2021).

Filing an Out-Of-State-Claim

In case you have been disconnected from working while serving a South Carolina employer, you are eligible to apply for the redundancy benefit program via an Interstate claim also referred to as the out-of-state claim.

Interstate claims are entertained by the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) via online applications only from the ‘MyBenefits portal’ which is accessible to applicants 24/7.

How to file an out-of-state-claim:

  • Go to the ‘MyBenefits’ portal.
  • Log in to an already existing account (if any) or create a new one.
  • Click on the ‘Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Opt for the Interstate claim for the nearest workforce center and proceed further.

As part of the procedure, the individual will receive forms and particulars along with details of his / her assigned representative (allocated on the basis of the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number). All further dealings pertaining to the progression of the case will be carried in collaboration between the applicant and the assigned representative whenever and as required through phone, fax, or email.

It takes a duration of 4-6 weeks to process the diverse-natured (still working, discharged, or quit) applications. For technical assistance pertaining to interstate claims, you may contact the Online Filing Assistance Line (1-800-529-8339) Relay 711.

Can I Work while receiving the benefit?

Entitlement to the South Carolina unemployment benefits is permissible with part-time jobs or odd jobs (working hours less than the standard of 30 hours /week), which though must be accurately reported while filing the weekly claim.

Payment Modes

Under the South Carolina unemployment benefits, the primary methods of payment include two options: the direct deposit method and the pre debit card payment.

When initially filing the claim, you will have the option to choose how to receive your monetary claim. Filers can choose to change the payment method any time they wish by logging into their ‘MyBenefits portal’ and selecting the desired mode of payment.

Upon verification of entitlement, the benefit payments (for direct deposits) will be deposited directly within 2-3 working days. If the stated account information of the applicant stands rejected by the bank, the claimant will be notified.

The individual in such a case should contact their bank for clearance, settlement, and coordination regarding their direct deposit account information, after which the disbursement will be made on valid grounds of the scheme.

Extra Info: SCDEW applicants will be required to provide validation of their claim to the entitlement stating the reason of unemployment via SCWOS app, and will also be required to complete at least two job searches on SC Works Online Services portal while logged into their account for confirmation on the system.

The app is available for free download.

When to Stop Receiving the Benefit

Upon being recruited (with a wage/salary more than that granted through the South Carolina Unemployment Benefits) you must at the earliest stop pursuing or end your claim to the benefits program.

This requires adherence to the ethical and moral obligation of practicing honesty. It is imperative to ensure that you are not claiming the monetary aid illegally to evade any legal proceedings and possible inconvenience.

How to end the benefit:

keeping it simple and easy, there is no further need to file weekly claims once you are hired.

Current Status

To keep the fiscal aid of the South Carolina unemployment benefits rolling in, State officials have decreed the requisite for eligible citizens to verify their job searching.

Extending the monetary benefit under the directive, the set condition will come into effect on April 18, 2021, amid the indications of a recovering state economy (dropping from 5.3% in January to 5.2% in February).

Currently, 125,000 state residents are actively availing the South Carolina unemployment weekly benefits.

Many cities have actively engaged in hosting job fairs projecting an estimated sum of 87,000 open positions across South Carolina.

With the extra dollars up for grabs under state extended support, the probability of individuals not returning to workstations exists. In view of the same, many business job offers have been extended outside the state vicinity by companies as the local workforce fails to meet the internal business requirements.

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